What Did Draymond Say To Kd

The Warriors suspended Draymond Green for one game without pay after he repeatedly lashed out at Kevin Durant earlier this week.

Green reportedly called KD a “bitch,” and told the reigning NBA Finals MVP that the team did not “need” him.

Alluding to Durant’s impending free agency, Green is said to have taunted his teammate that he could leave and Golden State would keep winning.

Draymond: “I’m walking off the court, and K is yelling, ‘Give me the motherf–king ball. I’m just looking at him, and my response was, ‘I was f–king passing you the ball if you would have f–king ran. ‘ I sit [on the bench] and he’s like two or three chairs over from me.

“Remember, I got the pulse of this team. I got the pulse of the organization. I already know you one foot in and one foot out. By the way, Im the closest person here to you. When you have a problem — when s–t going on in your life — the person you talk to here is me. We got that relationship … So thats where Im like, Yo, who the f–k you think youre talking to? Ive been an All-Star before you got here. Ive been doing this. Dont talk to me like Im one of these little dudes that dont know how to hoop. Im a grown a– man.

“He comes to the bench and he slaps the bench like, Yo! Pass me the f–king ball. Im like, Get the f–k outta here. F–king run then. And hes like, You heard what the f–k I said and slaps the chair: Pass me the f–king ball. Im like, Yo, you better calm the f–k down. I dont know who the f–k you think youre talking to.

“So were playing the Clippers, and you know how I am — Im gonna roll with you, Ill take the bullet for you, Ill take the heat in the media for you, Ill take the suspension for you, Ill take the fine, Ill take the tech, whatever — for my guys. But in return, all I need from you is just to know that youre with me …

“After an hour and 45 minutes, theyre like, You go home, you meet us in the morning. You sleep on it, maybe youll feel different. We meet and theyre like, So you gonna apologize? And Im like, Im not apologizing. So then Steve tells me, All right, well were gonna suspend you for tonights game. No, Bob said it.

“This is f–king Kevin Durant were talking about. Yeah, Ive done great things here. But let me tell you this — if Kevin really wanted to be here, all he would have done is went to Bob and said, Yeah, Ill stay. But Draymond gotta go. And guess what — Bob Myers would have called me and said, Draymond, I love you — and I wont trade you to a bad team — but where do you want to go?

If the Warriors want any chance at retaining Durant’s services, they need to be completely in line from top to bottom, giving the forward everything he wants from rings to the comfort of teammates he enjoys playing with.

It makes complete sense why the Warriors would react with a suspension. There are arguments between players, and then there’s doing the opposite of a free agency pitch to one of the NBA’s best players. Golden State’s discipline is a message to Durant — this is how much we don’t agree with Green, basically.

We’ve already heard a report on what Draymond Green said to Kevin Durant during their heated argument that ended with Green receiving a one-game suspension — there were expletives and talk about how Durant’s potential free agency was an issue.

It seems like the organization is in the process of moving on now. But has long-term damage already been done? We’ll find out the answer next summer.

Green lost control of the basketball and was unable to get a shot off at the end of regulation against the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday. That led to an exchange of words between Green and Durant on the sidelines, and the Warriors went on to lose the game 121-116 in overtime.

Green reportedly “took exception” to the way Durant spoke to him and wasnt a fan of his talking to him “as if he were a scrub.”

Reported details from the recent locker room argument between Golden State Warriors teammates Draymond Green and Kevin Durant emerged Wednesday.

Thompson added that Durants teammates dont want to engage in a “Please Stay, KD” tour, but the fact that Green was suspended suggests the Warriors may be trying to get on Durants good side.

He reportedly called Durant a “b—h” several times as well, which contributed to the Warriors decision to suspend Green for Tuesdays 110-103 win over the Atlanta Hawks.


What did Draymond say to KD meme?

Kevin Durant was absolutely incredible in those Finals runs, as you know, you watched it, we all watched it,” Green said. “Kevin Durant was absolutely insane. Steph Curry got double-teamed probably seven times the amount that KD did in a given series,” Green said.

What did Draymond call KD?

During the latest episode of “The Etcs” podcast, which featured Green as a guest, the Warriors star disclosed what he was actually saying in the moment. “Can’t nobody (expletive) with you. Can’t nobody (expletive) stop you.” Mystery solved.

What did Draymond Green say?

Draymond Green said he said he called Kevin Durant from his car in the arena parking lot the night the Warriors lost Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals to the Cavaliers. Durant called that “false, a hundred percent false.” That was a strange disagreement when it happened in 2017.

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