What Happened To Albertsstuff

On July 5th, 2017, Albert officially opened the Flamingo channel which was more appropriate for all aged viewers then AlbertsStuff. Along with this new channel, Albert also made a new roblox account and officially abandoned AlbertsStuff on October 15th, 2017.

Often, social media stars are ‘cancelled’ for things that occurred many years ago. And that’s exactly what happened with Flamingo – here’s exactly why he’s being ‘cancelled’.

Albert Spencer Aretz, better known as Flamingo online, is an American gaming YouTuber most known for his Roblox content.

Being popular on social media certainly has its perks, but it also comes with its downfalls. Cancel culture is a big thing in 2020, and if you say one wrong thing, it could result in humiliation, hatred and public shaming from internet users.

Roblox YouTuber Flamingo is being ‘cancelled’ on social media for content on his old channel AlbertStuff, and he’s made an apology on Twitter.

Albert continued to use the AlbertsStuff channel until October 18th, 2017, with the last video on the channel being titled “LOUDEST NOISES IN ROBLOX (PAINFUL)“. His last words being: “hairypizza2. You write the hairy, you write the pizza, you write the tw-“. The video cut off while reading out his username for unknown reasons. He privatized the video in around Mid-2018 for unknown reasons, thus causing the confusion that his last video was actually “BANNING PEOPLE WITH ROBLOX ADMIN COMMANDS”., which was privatized in August 2020 along with all the other videos. In November 2017, fans of the channel became suspicious of the inactivity and asked albert why he hasnt posted in a while. Despite this, albert still didnt post any update on to why the channel was inactive for a while. When 2017 ended, all fans of the channel came to the conclusion that Albert quit and moved to the Flamingo channel. This was proved when albert confirmed that he quit making videos in a May 2018 twitter QNA. He said the reason was because the edgy era of YouTube started to die down. Albert created a second channel, Flamingo, on July 9th, 2017, and told viewers that he created the channel because he wanted the AlbertsStuff channel to only be him in the videos, and the flamingo channel to be a Collab with his friends, to try and speed up the upload schedule on his main channel after viewers got upset over him not uploading for over a week. He also told viewers that him making the Flamingo channel would not impact on his upload schedule on AlbertsStuff, but rather the opposite. However, it was proved that the only reason he made the channel was because he wanted to upload kid-friendly videos on there due to the time on YouTube (called the Adpocalypse) where people who said curse words on their videos couldnt get any ad revenue. It also impacted on AlbertsStuffs upload schedule, because it stopped making videos after October 18th, 2017, but the flamingo channel still continued doing videos after that date. After the last video on AlbertsStuff was uploaded, Flamingo became Alberts main channel and has uploaded bi-daily on there to this day.

Albert initially created Apocalypse Rising videos on his channel, which included funny moments, stream-sniping Twitch streamers or his episodic series. His content changed in 2015 when he started to do edgy content, which was a trend to do that started earlier that year, and ended uploads in around November 2017, since many edgy creators either stopped being edgy or quit that month.

Unlike his current, kid-friendly content, Albert made content that was for a more mature and/or edgy audience. In this, he made jokes and did things that would usually get censored if someone else did it on the Flamingo channel. Due to the “offensive” nature of the content. Albert in August of 2020 felt obligated to private all his AlbertsStuff videos due to negative criticism from Twitter. This and the privating of many videos between 2020 and 2018 on his main channel stirred controversy between his older fans.

When Albert was asked why he left AlbertsStuff in a May 2018 Twitter QNA, he stated that he wanted to keep on making videos for a long time and that if he stayed on AlbertsStuff, it wouldnt be possible due to lack of ad revenue and censorship of YouTube on edgy creators.

In August of 2020, Albert either privated or deleted every AlbertsStuff video except ROBLOX – SCARIEST MOMENT EVER IN APOCALYPSE RISING due to controversy regarding a few old AlbertsStuff videos, he also likely reckoned that it was about time to purge the old content for other reasons as well, the main reasons possibly being kids finding the old content, and him wanting to move on.


Why did AlbertsStuff quit?

Discontinuation of AlbertsStuff

On August 18, 2020, Albert responded to backlash for using a transphobic slur in an old video. He apologized on his Twitter for the “edgy jokes” he made in past videos. He then removed all the videos on the AlbertsStuff channel, save for one.

What happened to Albert’s mom?

The two had a very loving relationship and Kirsten even wished to get married and start a family with him in the future. Unfortunately, they broke up on June 3rd, 2022. The reasons behind the breakup are currently unknown, however, Kirsten described it as a “sudden tragedy”.

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