What Happened To Flea Market Flip

Unfortunately, at the moment, Spencer

Lara Christine Von Seelen (known professionally as Lara Spencer; born June 19, 1969) is an American television presenter. She is best known for being the co-anchor for ABC’s Good Morning America. She is also a correspondent for Nightline and ABC News.

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has “no plans on Flea Market Flip right now.” The show has been on hiatus for some time as they have not been able to film amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Right now, all of Spencer’s “energy is going into” her new series, Everything But the House.

The host’s favorite flip involved an antique bicycle

In an interview with SheKnows, host Spencer responded to a question about “the craziest item shes seen flipped,” by saying she was once “completely blown away” by contestants who purchased an antique bicycle and completely rehauled it in one day into “the most fabulous tavern table.”

You have to respect that kind of creativity, even if few people are clamoring to buy a bicycle table. “It was one of a kind. It was so chic, totally unique, and I wouldve never thought of it,” said Spencer. Well, I say anyone who can transform a bike into a piece of furniture deserves to be on TV.

The “helpers” in the workshop sometimes do most of the actual craftsmanship

You probably know from watching the show that each team has “helpers” in the workshop on build day to assist them in making their design dreams a reality. But it turns out that these expert craftsmen sometimes take the lead on what actual work needs to be done. On her workshop day recap blog post, former contestant Charlotte Smith wrote that the helpers (Cija and Mark) actually “did a lions share of the work.”

In particular, Smith wrote that she and her partner Jill did most of the rehabbing on a bench (except using the table saw), which was one of their three pieces, while “expert Mark took the reins on [rehabbing their] settee… [doing] a million percent more prep work to that thing than I would have done… he patched the wood, secured some joints, etc.” And as for their third required piece, a pendant light, Smith said, “The pendant light was definitely our vision, but without Cija we could never, ever have executed it.”

Finding out just how much wiggle room there is on help for the contestants may initially seem a bit disappointing, but I like to remind myself that actually executing designs isnt necessarily what the contest is about. Teams also have to make good buying decisions, think up incredibly creative designs, and then present and sell them well. Its really the total art of flipping that theyre being judged on.

Most of the teams are married or related

No, theres no rule that the people on the competitive teams of two need to be married or related, but they almost always are, as you can see on the HGTV websites episode guide. With some exceptions, like “childhood best friends” on season eight, episode one, or flight-attendant co-workers on season six, episode four, most teams are couples in real life, sisters, brothers, mother and daughter, or father and son.

Its just speculation, but maybe thats because you have to be pretty close to start with, in order to really trust and work well together in such a fast-paced, high-stress challenge!


What channel is Flea Market Flip on 2022?

Flea Market Flip | HGTV.

Is Flea Market Flip over?

The teams start their flip looking for hidden gems at Brimfield Antique Show and Flea Market in Brimfield, Massachusetts.

Where is the Flea Market Flip?

“Is flea market flip still in production? Hope so,” wrote one about the show which ended in 2012, and another asked: “New episodes of Flea Market Flip?” and a third said: “Love this show!

When did they stop filming Flea Market Flip?

“Is flea market flip still in production? Hope so,” wrote one about the show which ended in 2012, and another asked: “New episodes of Flea Market Flip?” and a third said: “Love this show!

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