What Is Whipped Cream Vodka?

No one can resist these rich and boozy cocktails, which range from thick, creamy drinks to fruity, tropical treats and even one with gummy bears.

So this list has everything you need, whether you need something delightfully warming in the winter or something cool and refreshing in the summer.

I promise these whipped cream vodka recipes are beyond delish. Try each one and decide which one is your favorite.

MOSCOW MULE This appetizing Moscow Mule cocktail combines easy-drinking flavor with a fiery kick. Not for the faint-hearted.

Pour the liquids into a glass or copper mule mug along with ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

Try with Pinnacle® Habanero to turn up the heat.

What Is Whipped Cream Vodka?

Light & Ripe Guava Lime Sparkler Light in carbs, chock-full of flavor – enjoy this guava cocktail guilt-free.

1 ½ Parts Pinnacle® Light & RipeTM Guava Lime Vodka

In a highball glass with ice, combine the vodka, lime, and honey. Top with soda water. Garnish with guava and fresh mint.

What Is Whipped Cream Vodka?

For autumn days that aren’t too hot or too cold, try this martini. It has Smores flavors that will make you think of summer while also making you feel warm from the inside out. Even some cinnamon or pumpkin spice will perk it up.

Since it has been over-proofed, 151 is more commonly used for its flammability than for drinking. After adding the 151, light the top of the cocktail and top with a big marshmallow. As the marshmallow roasts in front of your guests, serve them this cocktail. It will definitely be popular at your upcoming bonfire.

This drink is unmistakably seasonal; it has a warming, boozy, white chocolatey flavor and a cooling peppermint flavor. Serve at your next Christmas party.

This drink is so rich and creamy. It tastes intensely orange and is reminiscent of an orange creamsicle. The half & half is what makes this drink creamy. Although it won’t be as creamy if you use milk, the calories will be reduced by about half. Ideal for enjoying on the deck during these sweltering summer days.

Don’t be intimidated by the title. This pink drink is sweet, but not cloying. The small amount of cotton candy melts when soda and vodka are poured over it, so this recipe doesn’t just have cotton candy flavor; it also contains actual cotton candy. The drink will take the color of the cotton candy you select, so you are not limited to pink. Great for Bachelorette parties and baby shower guests alike.


What is whipping cream vodka?

For those of you who are unfamiliar, whipped cream vodka is vodka that has been blended with sweet vanilla whipped cream. Although the vodka doesn’t contain any actual dairy or cream, the sweet, light vanilla flavor of whipped cream really does come through.

What’s the difference between regular vodka and whipped vodka?

Whipped vodka is simply vodka with a whipped cream flavor.

What is whipped vodka made of?

Producer Description. Pinnacle Vodka’s crisp, fresh flavor is the result of carefully selected components, including the finest French wheat and pure French spring water. Our whole-grain Winter Wheat is sourced from Northern France, where the ideal growing conditions are provided by the region’s rich soil, limestone, and clay.

What does whipped cream vodka taste like?

The vanilla and cream flavor of Pinnacle Whipped Cream Flavored Vodka is delicate and sweet. Any cocktail would taste great with this distinctive flavor on top.

Is whipped cream vodka the same as cake vodka?

Birthday cake vodka is actually quite similar to whipped cream vodka, with the addition of a faintly tart flavor from spongey yellow cake. Almost all of these suggestions would also apply to whipped cream vodka, and vice versa.

Is whipped cream vodka good?

It’s smooth as a shot alone, but it also blends well with a variety of other things to produce a lovely creamy flavor. Why wouldn’t you want your vodka to taste like whipped cream as it dissolves rather than rubbing alcohol all the way down your throat if you’re going to drink it?

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