What Kind Of Dog Is Judo From Bluey

Other than being a 6-year-old dog, Bluey Heeler is just like any kid. She likes dressing up and playing games with her younger sister, Bingo, spending time with her dad Bandit and her mum Chilli, and hanging out with her friends. But if you’ve ever watched the animated Australian kids’ show (and if you have little kids, you definitely should watch!), then you may be curious: what kind of dog is Bluey and her family? A guide to all the dog breeds featured on the Emmy-winning series is below.


Bingo and Chilli are Red Heelers.

Bingo and Chilli are red heelers, which are also known as Australian cattle dogs. “Both coat varieties feature distinctive mottling or specking patterns,” according to the AKC.

What Kind Of Dog Is Judo From Bluey

Judo is a Spitz with white, grey and beige fur. She has white feet, legs, hands, arms, bottom tail, top torso, head and outer ears, beige bottom torso, top tail, muzzle, hair and inner ears, and grey eyebrows. She also has a dark brown nose and wears a blue headband with yellow dots and a blue and pink bracelet.




Japanese Spitz

Eye Color


Fur Color

White, grey and beige

Personal Status





12 (Glitched Infected)


Wendy (Mum)

Judos BrotherIdred (Dad)





First apperance

A Fancy Judo

Voice Actor

Charlotte Stent Judo is a secondary character that has appeared in episodes of Bluey.

Bluey and Bandit are Blue Heelers.

Like her name hints, Bluey is a blue heeler, also known as an Australian cattle dog, who can be born with blue or red coats. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), this breed is “compact but muscular” with “boundless energy,” who become “bored and gets into mischief.” Sounds just like Bluey!

Several of Bluey’s family members are also Blue Heelers, including her dad, Bandit, and her cousin, Muffin.


What are the breeds on Bluey?

  • Bluey Heeler, a six-year-old (later seven-year-old) Blue Heeler puppy. …
  • Bingo Heeler, Bluey’s four-year-old (later five-year-old) younger sister, a Red Heeler puppy.
  • Bandit Heeler / Dad (voiced by David McCormack), the Blue Heeler father of Bluey and Bingo who is an archaeologist.

What kind of dog is rusty on Bluey?

Wendy is a Chow Chow with curly beige fur. She wears a blue and gold brooch, usually on the right side of her chest. She’s also notably one of the only female characters to have eyelashes, alongside Coco.

What kind of dog is Wendy?

Rusty is a Red Kelpie with red and tan fur.

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