What Makes Valentina Beanie Baby Rare

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These are from my private collection and kept in an airtight container since they were bought in the 90s No Smoke. Valentino has black eyes and a brown nose. His swing tag says 1994 but his tush tag says 1993. He is handmade in China. Red star on tush tag. P.V.C Pellets Valentina has black eyes and a black nose. Her swing tag says 1998 but her tush tag says 1999. She was handmade in China. Red star on tush tag. P.V.C. Pellets. Peace bear is a multicolored bear that was made in 1996 And Hand made in china With a red star on his Tush Tag. P.V.C pellets. Princess Diana is a purple bear with black eyes and a black nose. She is a very special and rare bear. Her tush tag says 1997 and has a red star. Loading

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Valentina doesn’t have a red stamp on the tush tag which indicates limited production not mass produced. 2. Valentina doesn’t have a red stamp on the tush tag which indicates limited production not mass produced.

Halo the Bear

Halo the Bear is one of the most expensive Beanie Babies to make, owing to its iridescent fabric, so it totally tracks that Halo is also worth a pretty penny. Heres what to look for: a 1998 timestamp, a white star printed on its fur, a tush tag error, discrepancy, or misspelling, or a variation in the eyes and nose. Got at least one of those? Your cuddly guardian angel could be worth as much as $7,500.

Brownie the Bear

When this four-legged bear was first introduced in 1993, he went by the name Brownie. Later, it was changed to Cubby. If you have an OG Brownie, it could sell for around $20,000.

Jake the mallard duck was introduced in May 1998 and can be worth a surprising amount. According to TyCollector.com, some Jakes on the market featured Chinese factory markings—numbers like 401, 402, 433, and 484 despite the official Jack style number being #4199. Jake has sold for as much as $16,000 on eBay in recent years.

Hope is a yellow bear that could fetch up to $16,000. Her eyes are closed in prayer, and the poem inside her tush tag is, of course, a hopeful one. Be careful not to get this Ty confused with another Beanie Baby of the same name. This Hopes style number is #4213 and has a birthdate of March 23, 1998. The alternative Ty named Hope is a pink teddy-style bear that bears the breast cancer awareness symbol.

To get in on the Beanie Baby fun of the 90s, McDonalds fast-food restaurants started selling mini Tys in their Happy Meals, calling them Teenie Babies. Despite promises that the Teenies, too, might be worth something one day, only one collection of Teenies can make you a quick buck. Thats the International Bears collection of four Teenies bears that included Britannia from Britain, Erin from Ireland, Glory from the U.S., and Maple from Canada. You can rake in some cash for a set of all four, but its worth noting the Britannia bear alone (in its OG packaging, for whatever reason) sold for $10,000 on its own.

15-inch Peace Bear, 9-inch Peace, Ringo, and Bones

Another collection of Tys, the quartet of 15-inch Peace Bear, 9-inch Peace Bear, Ringo (the raccoon), and Bones (a dog) can be worth up to $159,000 if paired together. As far as most expensive Beanie Babies go, Peace Bear on its own is definitely up there—about $5,000. But pair the 15-inch and the 9-inch bears together and throw in Ringo and Bones? Thats quite a chunk of change.


Is Valentina a rare Beanie Baby?

Worth as much as $57,000, Valentina sometimes contains one of these rarities: “1999” on the tush tag instead of ’98, no red stamp on the tush tag, grammatical error in the tush tag poem (an extra space before the exclamation point at the end of the sentence), or “TY” in uppercase letters on the back of the tush tag.

Why is Valentino Beanie Baby so expensive?

What makes certain Valentino Beanie Babies more collectible? The Valentino Beanie Baby was largely made in the early 1990s, and several iterations were made. Like some other collectibles, production errors are what primarily makes certain ones more collectible and more valuable.

What is the rarest Ty Beanie Baby?

The Derby with the fine mane is the rarest of all versions and one of the rarest versions of all Beanie Babies. It’s called a fine mane because the original fine-mane version used 20 strands of fine yarn. He was retired in the same year of his release in 1995, according to Beaniepedia.

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