What Was Foreshadowed By Madame Schacter’S Nightmare

During the night journey, Madame Schachter, a woman of about fifty with a ten-year-old son, starts to go out of her mind. By the third day of the trip, she yells, “Fire! I can see a fire! I can see a fire!” (Chapter 2, pg.

What is foreshadowed by Madame Schacter’s nightmare? The fires and horrible conditions of the concentration camps were foreshadowed by Madame Schacter’s nightmare.

Who held Wiesel’s father in the highest esteem?

Terms in this set (40) How did the people of Sighet regard Wiesel’s father? They held him in the highest esteem and respect. They would come to him for advice and answers to a question.

Is there foreshadowing in Harry Potter?

In the opening scenes, when Dumbledore and McGonagall are waiting for Hagrid to come to Privet Dr with baby Harry, Dumbledore offers her a lemon drop. Of course, this foreshadows the passwords to his office, which are all the names of muggle sweets, and which become significantly more important later on.

What is foreshadowing in a story?

When a piece of foreshadowing shows up early in the narrative, then, it hints at or gestures toward something that is going to take place later in the plot: usually not by giving away precisely what’s going to happen, but by dropping a hint or make an allusion to something that’s going to occur down the road, so to …

In the barracks, the Jews are stripped and shaved, disinfected with gasoline, showered, and clothed in prison uniforms. They are lectured by a Nazi officer and told that they have two options: hard work or the crematorium.

Franek is Eliezer’s foreman at Buna, a selfish man who wants Eliezer’s gold crown and does what it takes to get it. He is typical of the people in charge at Auschwitz, from the higher ups to the low downs: selfish, greedy, and willing to exploit others.


What does Madame Schachter foreshadow?

What does Madame Schachter’s screams foreshadow? A forest fire that will distract the guards.

What was Madame Schachter having nightmares about?

Madame Schachter was having dreams and visions of the future in concentration camps. She had been separated from her husband before the car. What is it that Madame Schachter thinks she sees? Believing she saw a giant fire, smoke, and a furnace, she began to scream.

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