Where Is The Best Clam Chowder?

GT Fish & Oyster, Chicago

One taste of the clam chowder and you might not want to give up even a spoonful of this stylish seafood restaurant’s many small plates meant for sharing. Chef/Partner Giuseppe Tentori adds tender clams, smoky Nueskes bacon chunks, and a garnish of house-made oyster crackers for added crunch to a creamy broth base. Every order comes with a Mason jar and a choice of either Burn or Smoulder GT hot sauce.

The Best Chowder in New England | 6 Picks (Plus Recipes!)

Where Is The Best Clam Chowder?

Historically, corn has been a major crop for the farms that lie along the fertile floodplain of the Connecticut River Valley. So while this version of chowder breaks from the usual potatoes and salt pork, its New England and Native American roots are solid. Chef Christopher Prosperi of Metro Bis, an innovative bistro tucked inside an elegant country inn in Simsbury, strips the sweet kernels and simmers the cobs in water to make a wholesome corn broth. In August, when the corn is at its peak, he says the broth is so sweet “you want to bathe in it.” He even freezes bushels of corn so that he can serve the stew year-round. Some added sweet potatoes, a little garlic, and cream turn this chowder from sultry to sassy. The Simsbury 1820 House, 731 Hopmeadow Street, Simsbury, CT. 860-651-1908; metrobis.com

Where Is The Best Clam Chowder?

When Helen and Larry Mugnai opened Helen’s Restaurant in Machias, Maine, in 1950, their fish chowder—made with North Atlantic haddock—was served only on Fridays. So you can thank current owners Julie and David Barker, who made some slight alterations (let’s call them improvements) to the “wildly popular” chowder, for making it a daily item. Its simplicity and resourcefulness are all Down East ingenuity: The haddock is cooked in the potato water, and that broth becomes the basis of the chowder. When a devastating fire last summer forced the Barkers to rebuild their restaurant, they upgraded the design by relocating a fireplace and adding small conference rooms and a bar, but they knew where to draw the line: They wouldn’t dream of changing the menu, which means that the haddock chowder is here to stay. Diners will once again enjoy a hearty bowl overlooking the Machias River when the restaurant reopens, which the Barkers say is sometime early this spring. 111 Main Street, Machias, ME. 207-255-8423; helensrestaurantmachias.com

Where Is The Best Clam Chowder?

Ludvig’s, Sitka, Alaska

The siren call of stellar seafood lures visitors from across the globe to this charming bistro. Inspired by her years of commercial fishing in Alaska and traveling through Europe as a student, Chef-Owner Colette Nelson transforms fresh seafood with Mediterranean-inspired flavors. A bowl of her clam chowder, though, conjures the tastes of coastal New England, thanks to a cream base swimming with aromatics, chorizo, clams, potatoes and herbs. In the summer, you can savor a bowl beachside at a seasonal chowder cart located along Sitka Sound.


Where is the best clam chowder in the United States?

Boston, Massachusetts We’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge this: Boston is one city that, for many Americans, is synonymous with its beloved “CHOWDA!” For starters, the oldest continually operating restaurant in the U. S. , Union Oyster House, has been there since 1826.

Who makes best clam chowder?

Ultimately, wherever you order genuine New England clam chowder in Massachusetts, you can be sure to receive a genuine bowl. It’s obvious why this is the most well-known dish in Massachusetts because Bay Staters simply wouldn’t be themselves without a cup of chowdah and a lobstah roll.

What state has the best New England clam chowder?

New England, specifically Boston, is where the most famous variety of clam chowder originated. Whole milk, light cream, or heavy cream are used to make the broth. The only vegetables are potatoes and onions, and the usual toppings are oyster crackers.

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