Where To Buy Chinese Crispy Noodles?

Chinese Crispy Noodles are irresistible. In fact, many readers have asked us to explain how to make them because they always vanish in a flash.

They resemble deep-fried egg noodles (or fried wonton or egg roll wrappers) in most ways. They’re frequently served as a restaurant appetizer in miniature wooden bowls, with duck sauce and Chinese hot mustard on the side. They might also come with your local Chinese takeout order in a tiny wax paper bag.

Frying fresh at home will yield especially delicious crispy noodles. We’ll demonstrate how in this article using either egg noodles, wonton skins, or egg roll skins.

The Chinese crispy noodles were freshly fried every few days in the restaurants I worked in. We provided them as a complimentary appetizer, along with soups, chow mein, and chop suey dishes.

These freshly deep-fried noodles are no longer available in many restaurants, and they are quickly fading into obscurity.

Over the years, I’ve heard from friends who reside elsewhere in the nation that, despite being popular in the Northeast, these crispy fried noodles were uncommon in other American Chinese restaurants.

They may resemble the crispy noodles found in American salads with an Asian influence. e. as something of a crouton replacement. La Choy chow mein noodles that come pre-packaged may also be familiar to you.

Having said that, I don’t think you’ll ever turn to store-bought after making these at home!

T: My brother and I ordered four entrées and four starters. Oyster omelette has an oyster in every bite, and they all arrived in under 30 minutes.

Adam Hill: Head downstairs. Order crispy noodles and spare ribs. Be sure to eat some chow fun. For six dollars, get the coolest t-shirt to ever touch your back.

Anisa Alhilali: Love the unlimited toppings salad bar. There are many wonderful options, such as grape leaves, and a small size is adequate. When they have it, they also include free cornbread.

Elizabeth Gorney: Lunch specials are $8 to $10 and include an appetizer and an entrée; considering the quantity and caliber of the food, this is such a great deal that I will most certainly be returning often.

Chris 魁偲 闵: This place is awesome. So much fish and seafood. Its amazing, and all fresh. The staff is very knowledgeable, although slightly harsh. Exactly what youd expect. Good prices and quality products.

What Are Crispy Noodles Made Of?

To make deep-fried crispy noodles, use any fresh egg noodle. The closest thing I could find was these Chinese wide egg noodles in our neighborhood Asian grocery store. (We used to use wider noodles in my parents’ restaurant, but these worked just fine.) ).

Where To Buy Chinese Crispy Noodles?

Egg wonton skins or egg roll skins can be used in place of noodles if necessary. Both can be cut into wide strips for frying.

Here are the Egg Roll Skins after frying:

Where To Buy Chinese Crispy Noodles?

And here are the fried wonton skins:

Where To Buy Chinese Crispy Noodles?

Wide egg noodles or egg roll skins produce the best results, according to our research.

Egg wonton wrappers are functional but are thinner and don’t have the same satisfying crunch. They can be a little bit oily because they also absorb more oil than the other two.

  • I want to debunk a myth here: You might see some recipes calling to boil the egg noodles before frying. We never did that in any of my years working in restaurants. If using egg noodles, they must be fresh uncooked noodles. Cooked noodles will not yield the same results.
  • Use a small amount of noodles for the first batch to get a feel for how to fry them.
  • To avoid fire hazards, do not fill the wok or pot past the halfway point. The noodles will expand, and the hot oil must stay confined to the pot!
  • Check the oil temperature often with a thermometer, and increase or reduce the heat to keep it at 375-400°F (190-204°C). A high temperature is required for the noodles to fry and expand.
  • How to Serve Chinese Crispy Noodles

    These Chinese crispy noodles pair best with soups you might find on a takeout menu because they are a staple of our American Chinese food culture. Such soups as wonton soup, hot and sour soup, and egg drop soup

    Where To Buy Chinese Crispy Noodles?

    They can be served over American Chicken Chow Mein or Chicken Chop Suey if you want to go all out retro.

    Where To Buy Chinese Crispy Noodles?

    You can even add as many as you like to those salads with an Asian flair that I mentioned. Not just the tiny pouch found in prepared salad mixes

    Or, to keep it simple, they are delicious served alone as a snack or even on the table with any soup or stir-fry!

    The contrasting sweet and spicy flavors of homemade restaurant-style duck sauce and Chinese hot mustard are delicious with these fried noodles no matter what dishes you serve them with.


    What are the crunchy Chinese noodles called?

    Mein gon, also known as crunchy noodles or crunchy chow mein, is a type of cracker (or dried biscuit) that resembles noodles that is used in American Chinese cuisine.

    What are the white crispy noodles in Chinese food?

    These gluten-free crispy noodles are made with thin rice vermicelli (also known as rice noodles). Make sure to test with a few noodles first because the key to crispy noodles is having the oil hot enough so they expand immediately.

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