Where To Buy Odong Noodles?

Donna Fernandez Bunac

Where To Buy Odong Noodles?

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Cooking the Golden Tower Special Odong Noodles is easy. Only garlic and onion would be sautéed, along with a can of sardines and water. Let the water boil and add the Odong. When Odong is cooked add the vegetable of choice. Serve while hot. This is perfect for rainy days and cold weather. Find more products like this in the (.

In the Visayas and Mindanao Region of the Philippines, odong is a well-liked noodle. It is packaged in a tiny container and resembles a spaghetti noodle, but it is yellow instead, and it bends easily. The best way to prepare odong is in a soup dish with some vegetables of your choice and canned sardines in tomato sauce.

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