Which Raptor Dies First In Jurassic World


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  • After T-Rex and Blue defeat Indominus Rex: Blue turns back to Owen and the others in fuller view, there is a moment when Owen purposefully shakes his head ‘No’. The battle being over, Blues instincts could return to normal, but with her parental figure Owen saying no she realizes they are all family – not food – and runs off as well.
  • It is implied in many of the articles written about the movie that it is Blue who is the most successful protagonist of Jurassic World.

    So while Claire makes googly eyes at Owen and flees from pterodactyls, Blue’s journey through Jurassic World is a lot more interesting, and has an actual arc. In two hours, she leaves the only home she’s known, must make quick decisions about who to trust, and ultimately puts her life on the line for the side of her choosing. And—unlike Claire—she’s practical enough not to wear heels. REF: Slate: The Best Female Character In Jurassic World Is a Velociraptor

  • I thought it was blue. Also, I think the last communication was her asking if the Alpha (Pratt), to whom she had just proven her allegiance, was ready to leave. He shook his no he wasnt coming. Which makes blues sacrifice and final exit alone pretty tragic.(for a raptor)

    The films official novelisation (based on the screenplay) makes it clear that it was Blue that survived:

    You can (in the film) also see her distinctive “blue” stripe.

    It was Blue who was the last surviving raptor. You could see the blue stripes on her body when she walked into the plaza during the fight, and after when she was saying goodbye to Owen

    This site has the final fight: http://www.fatmovieguy.com/spoiler-alert-watch-jurassic-worlds-epic-final-battle/

    Blue was the last stand…. blue was the one that was talking to i-rex and Owen while they was all together. Blue was the first one to be attack the i-rex grab the one talking and throw her. The other two went to attack i-rex after blue was through in the wall (not dead) who was Charlie (with the green like stripes) and delta (was the one with the circle kinda a greenish pattern) fighting i-rex. Echo was blow up way before has a brownish color to her. Echo was thrown into the build and burned. Delta was through off the scene not sure if they wanted us to think she was dead or not but hurt nonetheless. When the t-rex came you will see blue came running from the direction she was through and came to fight against the i-rex. The others was thrown in the other direction look at the scene. Blue was the one who survived you can also tell by the color. You can see the pattern more when he talks calls them earlier in the movie at the point he feeds them.

    It was Blue – the first Raptor to die was blown up, and we dont know which one it was, but it wasnt Blue because Blue is the one Owen interacts with when theyre surrounded and the Indominus (I-Rex) is on the other side of the Raptor. Blue then screams at I-Rex and they all attack, but Blue is the first to get flung at a wall, and while it looks painful, its clearly non-lethal because we know the bond Blue and Owen share, if Blue was going to die, it would be emotional and Owen would be holding her head. The next Raptor to die is the one that gets flung on the grill and goes up in flames – clearly dead, then, just before Claire goes and gets Rexy, you can see I-Rex flinging the other Raptor around in its mouth like a rag doll, and it can be safely assumed, considering the bite force of this animal is supposedly the same as the T-Rex, that any animal the size of a Raptor that gets between those jaws is going to be dead. Then, the final obvious clue to it being Blue is the fact that when she comes running out all dramatic like and distracts I-Rex, so Rexy can knock her over, the Blue streaks, unique to Blue and assumedly the inspiration behind her name (instead of Bravo, which would follow the trend, as the phonetic alphabet goes Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo etc). We also know theyre unique because we see all the raptors and none of the others have it. It was Blue.

    No that is incorrect. Check the wikis before posting. Blue clearly survived. Charlie blew up. Echo was barbecued. There is some speculation about whether or not Delta survived being tossed by the I. Rex.


    What happened to echo raptor?

    Charlie was one of the Velociraptors that are being trained by Owen Grady that appears in Jurassic World. She met her end when she got blown up by an InGen Security Trooper after turning on the humans during the assault on the Indominus rex.

    Who dies first in Jurassic Park?

    Blue was victorious, and Echo earned a scar across her face and an offset jaw. Nonetheless, Echo respected Blue and tried to avenge her with Delta after the Indominus rex seemingly killed her. Sadly, both raptors were overpowered and killed.

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