Whirlpool Washer Lint Trap

Older washing machines, specifically non-high-efficiency models, have a lint trap similar to dryers. You must manually remove the lint from the trap to keep the clothes fuzz-free and smelling nice. Removing lint from a washer may not be as intuitive as a dryer, so follow these steps to remove lint that may be clogging your washer.

How often should you clean the washer filter?

Cleaning a washer filter once every month is always a good practice. It also depends on how frequently you do your laundry and the size of the load. For e.g, if you do a lot of laundry on a regular basis then it will be ideal to clean the filter twice a month.

What is a whirlpool washing machine filter and what does it do?

A whirlpool washing machine filter is a device that sits at the top of your washing machine or near the bottom right corner and catches any debris or dirt that may be in the water before it enters the machine. This helps to keep your washing machine clean and running smoothly.

The filter is an essential part of your washing machine and should be maintained on a regular basis.

If the filter doesn’t work efficiently, it will cause your machine pump to get clogged, and may even damage the machine.

How Often to Clean the Lint Trap

The washer lint filter should be cleaned at least four times per year to keep your machine working its best and reduce the amount of lint that deposits on your clothes.


Where is the lint trap in my Whirlpool washing machine?

The lint trap is usually located at the bottom front side of the front load washing machine in most whirlpool models. Whereas, for a top-loader, you may find the lint trap at the bottom backside of the washer or below the agitator if the washer is extremely old.

Where is the lint filter on a Whirlpool top loader washing machine?

For an agitator-type washer, the Whirlpool top loading washing machine filter is located inside the center agitator. This is where you will find a lint trap that needs to be cleaned regularly in order to ensure the optimal performance of the machine.

Where is the lint trap on a top load washing machine?

Your washer’s lint filter may be within the center agitator of a top-loading washer. Remove the cover and check for a lint trap that can be cleaned. A removable lint screen may also be located along the washer drum’s top rim. Mesh lint traps are also commonly found in washer drain hoses.

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