Why Did Erin Leave Gas Monkey

We cannot but notice that many hearts are being broken due to the fact that the famous Gas Monkey Garage Mechanics duo is splitting up. The guys started their own thing, their own show and accomplished so much in very little notice of time. Isn`t it a shame that it`s all falling apart now? Aaron, however, felt that his path for the future is described as solo. So, maybe he does deserve it. Kaufman became a great mechanic by learning everything by himself. This born and raised Texan is a perfectionist. You have all seen his work, regardless whether it`s exterior or interior – it`s flawlessterior!

Did you ever know how it all started? The Rawlings and Kaufman thing… The Gas Monkey saga? Well, Kaufman was working at a small local car shop at the time. Rawlings came by one day asking to see the most talented mechanic to air drive his 1953 Mainline.

Thus, Aaron Kaufman was the one standing in front of him as one of the country`s most talented mechanic! Some years later, Richard opened the famous Gas Monkey Garage as he invited Aaron to be part of the Gas Monkey Garage mechanics team!

If you are a fan of the Gas Monkey Garage mechanics duo, starring in the same-named show, you also love Fast N` Loud! For those who don`t know, the Fast N` Loud show had a plan to do a special for the 102nd episode. The Gas Monkey Garage mechanics duo were supposed to repeat the action they did with the `68 Chevrolet Corvette.

Back then, built it in a real life Hot Wheels vehicle! They were to do the same thing with a `63 Ford Econoline! However, there is no Aaron in the episode. It`s a real shame that Richard and Aaron are splitting up – but it`s probably for the best!

However, we hope Aaron finds luck in his solo career! Or maybe he will become a part of another famous car TV show? Whatever happens, be sure that you will be the first to know!

Rawlings and Kaufman worked together for the past 14 years, but according to Kaufman, “the last five felt like 20.” The main reason he’s leaving the Gas Monkey Garage is because he’s tired of the intense deadlines and is ready to build cars at his own pace.

Aaron Kaufman from Gas Monkey Garage

According to Kaufman, he’s always enjoyed tearing things apart and restoring them into something better. He became interested in cars and even taught himself car mechanics, hot-rodding, and fabricating with time.

The talented mechanic was working at a local garage when he accidentally met Richard Rawlings, the Gas Monkey Garage owner in Dallas, Texas.

Rawlings saw what Kaufman could do and immediately asked him to join the team at Gas Monkey. In just a short time, Aaron demonstrated his true passion and quickly rose to the ranks to become the lead mechanic at the famous garage.

Gas Monkey Garage was at the center of Fast N Loud, a car restoration reality TV show that first aired on Discovery in 2012. This breakthrough, appearing on national television, catapulted Aaron and Richard to international fame – much like the protagonists of other car restoration shows.

On Fast N Loud, Richard would scout around for old and rusty cars, and his team, headed by Aaron, would tear the wrecks apart and restore them into some pretty cool cars. Richard would then find buyers for the cars and sell them for a neat profit.

The Discovery Channel reality show last aired in June 2020. But, by then, the ever-energetic Kaufman had already left, leaving fans wondering what happened to him.

In his immediate future, Aaron is getting ready to open his own business manufacturing parts for classic Ford F100 trucks. He wants to do for Ford guys what so many have done for Chevy’s. He has a passion for the 57-78 Ford F100’s and is looking to build a parts line for people to make it easier for people to restore them.

Up to this point of the interview, Aaron sounded like he was doing interviews just to make sure people knew the truth. When we got into what his future plans were, you could hear him reach through the phone. Kaufman has a passion for cars like athletes do their sport. It was something I did not understand until I talked to him.

As a fan of Fast N Loud and Gas Monkey Garage, I will miss Aaron Kaufman on the show. I am a car guy first so I am so excited what the future holds for Aaron and what he comes up with. If it ends up on TV or not, I have a feeling that we are going to hear a lot from Aaron Kaufman.

We went into detail about what he plans to do, but it will have to wait for its own article in a couple days. We spent more than fifteen minutes getting into what he hopes to do. As a Ford guy myself, I came away from the interview more excited about his future than his departure from Gas Monkey.

In a world where everyone seems to be so careful about what they say, Aaron Kaufman was incredibly open. For fans of the show, it does make sense. As the show has matured, the builds have changed. They all have time constraints that make it impossible to build something that would be truly one of a kind. The detail and craftsmanship would be outside the interest level of many fans of the show.

Aaron Kaufman Life and TV Career

Kaufman was born in Crowley, Texas, on January 26, 1982. His father was a passionate automotive enthusiast, and Aaron helped his dad work on multiple projects. Aaron realized he had a gift at disassembling and reassembling vehicles when he got his first ever vehicle: a Jeep Cherokee. Originally, Kaufman pictured himself becoming a park ranger, but in the end, he decided to follow his true passion and become a talented hot rod builder.

Kaufman undoubtedly gained a ton of exposure on TV, thanks to Fast N Loud. He grew his own fan base and became incredibly popular after showing what he was capable of. One of his more popular creations was his 1963 Ford Falcon race car. He built the car on the show and used it to race at Pikes Peak on multiple occasions. Recently, he actually ended up selling the car online for $65,000. At the Gas Monkey shop, Aaron was constantly facing tight deadlines and had to put in countless hours to keep up with demand.

Shortly after leaving the popular show, he started his own show, Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman. It focused on Aarons work as the owner of Arclight Fabrication, where he manufactures parts for the Ford F-100 pickup. This show only ended up doing only one season, but it was a cool in-depth look at what this talented individual was getting into.

That wasnt the end of Aarons television days, though, because he recently came out with another new show, called Aaron Needs a Job. In this one, he tours all around the United States and features people doing jobs that he finds extremely interesting and challenging. Most of the jobs would relate to the automotive industry in some kind of way. While another season of the show has yet to be confirmed, a renewal may potentially be in the works.


What happened to Aaron off of Gas Monkey Garage?

Even though Kaufman and Rawlings had creative differences towards the end of filming together, Kaufman made it very clear that he did not have any personal issues with Rawlings. The two of them are reportedly still friends to this day.

Why did all the mechanics leave Gas Monkey?

Shortly after leaving the popular show, he started his own show, Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman. It focused on Aaron’s work as the owner of Arclight Fabrication, where he manufactures parts for the Ford F-100 pickup.

Did Aaron leave fast and loud?

Rawlings’ lead mechanic Aaron Kaufman mysteriously disappeared. Later Kaufman revealed that he left due to personal and professional differences and felt that the show was hindering his creativity. Astonishingly, however, Kaufman was not the only Gas Monkey to leave the garage. Two other members of the cast left too.

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