can my cat eat raw beef

Can cats eat raw beef? Yes, cats can eat raw beef, but we recommend only giving it in moderation and being aware that raw meat carries the risk of food poisoning. Ensure it’s fresh and doesn’t contain any seasoning which may be hazardous to their health.

Why and HOW to Feed CATS RAW BEEF shares why you, too, might want to make the switch to raw meat. No, you don’t need to do anything labor intensive, like buy a meat grinder. I share with you exactly what we do. It’s EASY and affordable (less than $2 a day!).

NO meat grinder needed. No mixing of messy, gross ingredients! This article helps you improve your cat’s food while also keeping it easy.

I’m so excited to write this article for you, because I LOVE my cats so much, and this change in all of our lives has been wonderful.

Sometimes the challenges in life bring about changes for the better, that wouldn’t have come about otherwise. That’s what happened to us …

There is significant debate on whether we should feed our feline friends raw meat or not. We’ve put together a quick guide looking at the considerations and the risks of feeding your cat raw meat.

Feeding a raw diet for cats is a controversial topic and there can be genuine health risks to you and your pet. If you decide to try raw-feeding, it is always best to discuss this with your vet first. They can give advice on responsible raw-feeding, making sure your cat receives a suitably balanced diet, and highlight some of the health and hygiene concerns that need addressing.

Reason #2: Why We Started Feeding Our Cats Raw Beef

It was the fall and winter of 2021. Our cats had a few grain-free cat foods they’d been eating. Seemingly out of the blue, they started throwing up the food, right after eating it.

They also started turning up their noses at two of the natural brands, and would only eat one of them, a dry food I purchased at Natural Grocers.

One day, when they wouldn’t eat either of the natural brands they used to eat (perhaps the ingredients had changed due to supply issues?), and our favorite was off the shelves, my husband bought the grain-free cat food from Costco. That one was in stock. Our cats wouldn’t eat it, flat out refused to eat!

What is in this stuff, that cats would rather not eat?!

This 2002 study shows improved digestion and microbiome diversity among cats fed carnivorous diets. Their comment:

Yeah, that can’t taste good to carnivorous animals without flavors being added. And surely some formulations are more palatable than others.

Reason #2? Unhealthy ingredients in even grain-free cat foods started causing health problems.

Reason #3: Why and HOW to Feed CATS RAW BEEF

Having fed our cats very fresh raw beef and egg yolks in the past, intermittently, it wasn’t hard for me to think of this next step. I filled a plate with little piles of raw beef, and three of our four cats loved it. (Note: For long-term, raw beef alone must be supplemented. I discuss this more below.)

By the way, this approach to feeding is termed a raw meat-based diet (RMBD).

I assumed we’d alternate with dry cat food and raw beef as supply chains ebbed and flowed. But when the only dry food our cats tolerated disappeared entirely from grocery stores, we switched over entirely … for a week.

The trick was our fourth cat, Zeus. He’s our biggest eater, but does NOT like raw beef.

I know this is helpful to share because not all cats transition to raw food easily. Zeus is what pet food manufacturers call a “picky eater”. Perhaps you have one, too?!

The fact is: Some cats refuse all raw meat. Other cats just don’t like beef or other red meats.

In our family, we humans eat a lot of pasture-raised ground beef. It’s such high quality that we could eat it raw, or it could be served in a gourmet restaurant as steak tartare.

I don’t know if you can source this level of quality beef. We literally buy ours the day after it’s slaughtered, from the same local farmer we’ve been buying from for years. She butchers it herself. We know it’s safe.

If you can’t get that kind of freshness and quality where you live, I discuss options below for where to source a variety of raw meats for cats.

The fact is: Even too much raw beef isn’t the ideal diet for cats. A bit of variety is better. I talk more below about how to keep it easy …

Reason #3 we switched to raw meat? Raw beef is easy to feed to cats. It doesn’t need to be complicated. (But, I do talk more below about the importance of variety, quantity and/or supplementation.)

Can cats eat raw beef? Yes, cats can eat raw beef, but we recommend only giving it in moderation and being aware that raw meat carries the risk of food poisoning. Ensure it’s fresh and doesn’t contain any seasoning which may be hazardous to their health.


Is it safe for cats to eat beef?

Meats. Cooked, lean meats such as beef, chicken, turkey, liver and lamb are all ok for you cat to eat. However, it’s important that you take great care when serving to make sure the meat’s cooked through – never give cats raw meat – and remove all skin and bones before feeding your cat.

Is it bad if my cat ate raw meat?

Raw meat and raw fish, like raw eggs, can contain bacteria that cause food poisoning. In addition, an enzyme in raw fish destroys thiamine, which is an essential B vitamin for your cat. A lack of thiamine can cause serious neurological problems and lead to convulsions and coma.

Why can wild cats eat raw meat?

They are a predator and a carnivore that not only craves, but desperately needs raw meat to thrive. Obligate or “true” carnivores are animals whose diet requires nutrients found only in unprocessed, raw, animal flesh.

Can I feed my cat raw beef heart?

Many premade raw diets contain heart already, but if yours doesn’t or you are formulating a diet yourself, we recommend adding about 10-15% heart as part of the muscle meat portion of the diet. Heart is also a good source of taurine, which is an essential nutrient for cats!

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