What Can You Make With Lasagna Noodles Besides Lasagna

3. Create dessert lasagna

Using pasta sheets for something sweet like dessert lasagna is ideal because it lets you vary the flavors in each layer. Because it serves about a dozen people and can be put together in a casserole dish, it’s also perfect for when you need to make dessert for a large gathering. Try Nutella lasagna with fresh fruit, almonds, and Nutella for a decadent treat to cap off your dinner. Over the top layer, scatter the marshmallows and bake until toasted.

Using pie filling in place of fresh fruit is another idea. Place cooked noodles, sweetened mascarpone or cream cheese, and a filling (apple or cherry). For optimal results, cover the top layer with pie filling and then top it with streusel crumbs. When baked, the dessert has a gorgeous crispy golden brown topping that contrasts beautifully with the creamy filling and softer noodles below.

12. Create mini pizzas

Lasagna pizzas are in, so put away bagels, English muffins, and tortilla pizzas. Before assembling the pizzas, the pasta sheets need to be boiled and then patted dry. Then, top the soft pasta with your preferred cheese, sauce, and toppings. Make sure to cook any meat or other toppings that need to be cooked before eating them before putting them on your pizza. All that needs to happen for the pizzas to be baked is for the cheese to melt and the noodles to get crispy and golden. In general, this typically takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

This method of making pizza is a hassle-free choice for two reasons. First off, home cooks without prior bread-making experience can still make it because there’s no need to start from scratch with the dough. Second, its beneficial because it saves you time. And lastly, its just fun and different!.

If you have leftover lasagna noodles in your box at the back of the pantry, don’t worry if you have more or less. Just keep the ratio of water to noodles the same. For each lasagana noodle, I used 1/4 cup water and 1/3 cup marinara.

I believe you have been dreaming about this recipe for broken lasagna with noodle and mushroom skillet. Have you ever dreamed of a lasagna that could be made in 30 minutes or less? What if it also utilized up those leftover noodles, especially the broken ones?

Broken Lasagna Noodle and Mushroom Skillet by Alisons Allspice Broken Lasagna Noodle and Mushroom Skillet by Alisons Allspice Broken Lasagna Noodle and Mushroom Skillet by Alisons Allspice Broken Lasagna Noodle and Mushroom Skillet by Alisons Allspice I wasn’t really intending to make a superfast and super easy lasagna recipe, just a one-pot pasta with broken noodles. Somehow the lasagna-loving side of my brain took over and, well, it was delicious!

There were only three lasagna noodles left in the box when I was creating this recipe. Not enough for lasagna, or lasagna roll-ups honestly.

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