can you cook ground beef in a pot

Cook the beef on medium heat until the meat is completely brown. Once your water boils, turn your heat setting to medium, and continue stirring the beef until it is brown. The amount of time it takes to brown your ground beef will depend on your stovetop and pot.

Learn how to cook ground beef the right way so it stays juicy but gets nicely browned. I’ll show you my secrets so it comes out perfectly every time.

Knowing how to cook ground beef well is a vital skill in my opinion. Ground beef is used in so many dishes! I use it in my basic pasta sauce, baked ziti, nacho dip, and this easy Mexican skillet dinner. Those are just a few recipes, though. You can use ground beef in practically everything.

What You’ll Need to Boil Ground Beef

Grab a pound of hamburger meat and a pot, and you’ll be on your way to cooking the perfect beef crumbles for any recipe you like.

  • Ground Beef: I like to use lean beef for most recipes, but you can use 90/10, 80/20, or any other type. This recipe is made for 1 lb of ground meat, though it works for any amount.
  • Water: You’ll need enough to fully submerge the beef in the pan. Place the ground meat in the pot first, then pour cold/tap water over it until it’s covered.
  • Seasonings: Use any type of seasonings or spices you like. Check below for some ideas!

Pro Tip: You can cook ground chicken or ground turkey with this stovetop recipe as well!

How To Cook Ground Beef

The trick to cooking ground beef well is to not move it around a lot until it’s finished cooking and nicely browned. This helps create a crust on the meat which is delicious.

I sauté it in cooking oil. I usually use olive oil because that’s my go-to, but your favorite cooking oil will work too.

It’s important to use a nice big pan. You can use a non-stick pan but it won’t brown the meat as well. I prefer stainless steel or a cast iron skillet because it gives a better crust to the meat than non-stick does. Using a thick heavy pan is ideal for this since it cooks more evenly as well. Also, make sure your meat is going into a hot pan!

Once the beef goes into the pan, I flatten it out like a big, thin burger patty. I let a crust form before I start to break it up into smaller pieces with a wooden spoon and flip it. Then I let the meat cook through completely before breaking it into even smaller clusters.

This is my favorite way to cook ground beef, but did you know you can also cook it in the air fryer?

The meat needs to be seasoned no matter what you’re going to do with it. In the recipe below I add salt and pepper at the end. You can also add it midway through. It doesn’t matter much.

Garlic powder is another thing that I like to add. Chili powder works well too. But anything beyond salt and pepper depends on what you’re planning to use the meat for so I haven’t included anything else in the recipe.

Video: How To Cook Perfect Ground Beef

Chances are, you have lots of options at your store for ground beef. Sometimes you’ll find what specific cut the meat is from, but you’ll also find the fat-to-lean content. So if you see 85/15 on the label, that means it’s made up of 85% lean ground beef and 15% fat. This is the most common ratio and generally considered all-purpose. You may want a higher fat content (70/30 – 80/20) for super juicy burgers or extra-lean (90/10) for tacos or sauces, but when in doubt go for the 85/15 like I’m showing you today.

Look for the freshest meat available, packages that have the furthest out sell-by date. Once you’ve selected your ground beef, keep it cold and cook it within a couple days of purchasing. For longer storage, you can freeze it up up to 3 months – store it in a freezer bag and remove as much air as possible. After it’s been cooked, it can be refrigerated for up to a week.

Cook the beef on medium heat until the meat is completely brown. Once your water boils, turn your heat setting to medium, and continue stirring the beef until it is brown. The amount of time it takes to brown your ground beef will depend on your stovetop and pot.


Is it OK to cook ground beef in a pot?

Frying is a popular option, but boiling ground beef is easy, quick, and it creates leaner, finer meat! Cooking ground beef with this method creates the perfect crumbled ground meat for tacos, chili, spaghetti sauce, and more.

Can you cook ground beef in a stainless steel pot?

Cast iron and stainless steel are the best choices for getting that beautiful, brown sear. Once the pan is hot, add the meat, and use a spatula to break it up into pieces. Let the meat brown without touching for about five minutes. This gives the meat more contact with the pan, and thus, a better sear.

Can you cook ground beef on stove?

On most stove tops, browning a pound of ground beef takes approximately 7 to 10 minutes. Remember, it’s important to continue stirring and breaking the pieces into the same size with the wooden spoon or heatproof spatula so the ground beef cooks evenly.

Can you boil beef in a pot?

Wash and rinse the meat under cold water, remove any visible fat and add the washed meat to a clean pot. Place the meat on low-medium heat, add chopped onions, salt, stock powder, white pepper, oregano, parsley and bay leaves. Stir to combine, add ⅓ cup of water, cover the pot with a lid and simmer for 10 minutes.

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