can you eat arby’s roast beef while pregnant

Luncheon meats such as roast beef and turkey aren’t very safe for pregnant people. “Hot dogs, lunch meats, and cold cuts (when served chilled or at room temperature) are high-risk foods for contamination with Listeria,” Dr. Shannon M.

We all know that we have to be careful during our pregnancy phase. You have to consume healthy food for a healthy pregnancy. However, sometimes you will also want to eat fast food, which is okay.

I will discuss whether you can eat Arby’s when pregnant in this article. This is one of the most frequently asked questions among pregnant women.

I will try to give a straightforward answer and keep you informed about anything you need to know regarding this topic.

Can You Eat Arby’s When Pregnant?

can you eat arbys roast beef while pregnant

Yes, you can eat Arby’s when pregnant. Arby’s provides delicious fast food, but over-consuming fast food is not a good idea.

What we eat or drink will define whether you and your baby will be healthy. For a mom-to-be, fast food is not the ideal source of getting the proper nutrients, but based on my experiences, I know that sometimes we can’t help ourselves and get rid of the feeling of craving a burger or sandwich.

When I was pregnant, I experienced different cravings, and fast food was the most frequent one, unfortunately.

Pregnancy is an intriguing phase/period, you can’t control your feelings or requirements. I love eating and living healthy, but I wasn’t myself during pregnancy. So if you have one of those cravings for Arby’s, I can understand and relate to how you feel.

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can you eat arbys roast beef while pregnant

Arby’s is an American fast-food restaurant that is famous worldwide. Their burgers and sandwiches are very delicious, and you can never get enough. Arby’s was founded on July 23, 1964.

Fast food restaurants developed quickly and are among the most trendy fast food restaurants. You will have the chance to eat the best burgers and sandwiches at Arby’s, which may be why you are craving Arby’s.

However, this is not what we care about, but I just wanted to mention a few words regarding Arby’s. In the sections below, I will discuss the benefits and side effects of eating Arby’s when pregnant, so better keep reading carefully.

The Iron that Meat Contains

Iron plays a significant role during pregnancy. Blood pressure increases when pregnant and so does iron in your body. For a healthy pregnancy, you will need high amounts of iron. Meat is one of the best foods that is rich in iron.

To avoid anemia, you will need to consume more meat than usual. Arby’s burgers and sandwiches will help you in getting the right amount of iron you require during this delicate process. If you are facing anemia (lack of iron) during pregnancy, it will increase the risk of premature birth.

Protein is vital during pregnancy. Meat contains a lot of protein which you will need when pregnant. So, this is why most professionals state that consuming meat during this process is a must. Protein will help in the growth of new tissues, and it also repairs damaged ones.

When pregnant, you will need a lot of antibodies for a healthy immune system for you and your baby. Therefore, protein has a significant role in transporting oxygen through your blood.

As you already know; Arby’s foods are rich in meat, even though it is fast food; this is why you can consume Arby’s when pregnant.

Folate and folic acid are the most crucial vitamins you need when pregnant. Meat contains various vitamins that are a must for a healthy pregnancy, including Folate, the natural form of vitamin B9.

Therefore, meat is rich in other vitamins such as B12, B6, and, A. All these vitamins are necessary during pregnancy, indicating that you should consume food that is rich in those vitamins.

Are There Any Benefits Of Eating Arby’s When Pregnant?

I know that it sounds strange, and you may think of what benefits we can have from eating fast food. Whereas; do not forget that burgers and sandwiches contain meat, one of the most crucial ingredients we need to consume during pregnancy. Although, of course, there are other ways to get those nutrients besides meat.

Luncheon meats such as roast beef and turkey aren’t very safe for pregnant people. “Hot dogs, lunch meats, and cold cuts (when served chilled or at room temperature) are high-risk foods for contamination with Listeria,” Dr. Shannon M.


Is Arby’s roast beef considered lunch meat?

Far as I know, yes. It might be the lunch meat variety, unless they buy and slice their own. But it’s good with the melted cheese!

Is Arby’s roast beef good or bad for you?

Most Nutritious Option. Arby’s classic roast beef sandwich is the most nutritious main menu item. Accompanied by a healthy beverage and a side salad, it can make for a smart meal choice.

Can I eat Arby’s gyro while pregnant?

Generally speaking, yes, you can eat gyros when pregnant. The meat is cooked thoroughly, so there is no risk of toxoplasmosis, and the vegetables are usually healthy.

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