can you smoke beef chuck roast

Place chuck roast in smoker and smoke until it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F to 170°F (4 to 6 hours). Wrap tightly in 2 layers of foil or peach paper and return to smoker until internal temperature reaches 200°F to 205°F (45 minutes to 1 hour).

Smoked chuck roast aka poor man’s brisket is a great alternative to smoked brisket. If you feel intimidated by smoking a large cut of meat like brisket, then this recipe is perfect for you. Smoking beef chuck roast results in juicy, tender, and flavorful meat that you can either slice or shred to make smoked pulled beef. It works out cheaper than brisket, and cooks quicker too!

If you follow my recipe, you will get juicy and tender meat that literally melts and cuts like butter and easily passes the pull-test! The smokey flavor of this beef is absolutely incredible!

If you’re a smoker fan and still haven’t tried smoking a beef chuck roast, then it’s time to give this a try! It’s much easier than smoking a brisket as a chuck roast is a smaller cut of meat, so it takes less time but the result will still amaze you!

The smoked chuck roast takes about 6-7 hours to be ready, but if you need something even quicker, then check out my smoked tri tip, or this smoked whole chicken recipe! Ready in just 1-3 hours and both recipes are incredible!

Adding A Water Pan to the Smoker

We put a water pan into our Pellet Smoker because it helps to even out the temperatures in the cooking chamber. By doing this, you can ensure that your smoked chuck roast cooks as evenly as possible—and it doesn’t have to be anything high-tech at all. We use a basic foil pan filled with scorching hot water.

Why do you fill it with hot water? I’m glad you asked. Filling it with hot water will allow the water to evaporate into your smoke chamber faster. This works because you’re starting with water at a higher temperature and therefore the water doesn’t have to heat up as much as putting cold tap water into the chamber.

How to Trim a Chuck Roast for Smoking

The first thing we do in this smoked chuck roast recipe is simple. Cut off the vacuum-sealed wrapping that your chuck roast comes in and pat dry.

Whatever you do, do not rinse the chuck roast off in the sink. Studies have shown that this can spread bacteria around your kitchen. Instead, just use a paper towel to pat dry your meat.

can you smoke beef chuck roast

Dry fresh meat with paper towels, before adding rub, never rinse with water in the sink.

Unlike brisket, the great thing about smoking a beef chuck roast is that there is very little, if any, trimming that you have to do to it. The smoked beef chuck roast from the recipe video didn’t need any trimming whatsoever, which is common—let’s find out why.

How to Smoke a Chuck Roast

Our goal here is to let the meat cook LOW AND SLOW just like brisket! However, chuck roast is a smaller cut compared to brisket, so it will be done quicker. The smoking process will be done in two stages: we will first smoke it unwrapped, and then wrap it tightly in butcher paper or aluminum foil if that’s what you have available.

Wrapping the meat in butcher paper or foil will keep the chuck roast moist and tender, so it does not dry out. But make sure that you wrap it TIGHTLY so the meat doesn’t steam and lose its beautiful crusty bark that we worked so hard for!

So after the meat has come to room temperature, throw it on a preheated smoker and let it cook at 225°F for 3-3.5 hours and bathe in that smoke! Then starting probing it by inserting the probe in the thickest part of the cut, if it hits 160°-165°F then take it off the grill.

Wrap it with 2 layers of butcher paper or foil, and put it back on the smoker for another hour. Probe it, and when it registers an internal temperature of 208°-210°F, take it off the grill keeping it wrapped.

When probing the meat, pierce it through the butcher paper or foil (do not unwrap). If you have one of these fancy electric meat stainless steel probes that come with a wire, they work much better as you won’t have to keep opening the smoker to check the temperature.

Let it rest for an hour in a dry cooler, it should reach around 145°F while in the cooler. What this does is help retain heat and let the meat temperature drop slowly while intermuscular fat is rendering further and breaking with it any muscle tissue. Also, that will let all meat juices redistribute and preserve all the flavor from running with the juices when you cut through the meat to serve, and it keeps the meat tender and juicy. Don’t worry it will still be hot for serving!

Once you take it out of the cooler, unwrap and slice or shred for a pulled beef sandwich of your dreams! And enjoy admiring the beautiful pink smoke ring that you’re going to get!

can you smoke beef chuck roast

The above timings are just a guide, but it’s important that you keep probing the meat to make sure that you reach the correct temperature for tender smoked chuck roast!

To enjoy a good cut of beef, masking up the flavor of the meat is not always a good idea. I like to keep it simple and season the beef chuck with equal parts of kosher salt and pepper for a Texas-style flavor, and sometimes we also add garlic powder that adds a delicious flavor.

Honestly, when it comes to smoking and grilling, we all know that Texas is the home of grilling and smoking and these people KNOW what they’re doing! This simple seasoning embraces the meat flavor with the rendered intermuscular fat. Also remember, a good covering of coarse seasoning is what gives the meat the gorgeous crusty bark!

If you like barbecue rubs, then go for paprika, cayenne, brown sugar, mustard powder, garlic, and onion powders.

can you smoke beef chuck roast

Place chuck roast in smoker and smoke until it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F to 170°F (4 to 6 hours). Wrap tightly in 2 layers of foil or peach paper and return to smoker until internal temperature reaches 200°F to 205°F (45 minutes to 1 hour).


Is chuck roast good for smoking?

Becuase tough cuts of beef like a chuck roast or beef brisket can stand up to a nice, long, low and slow barbecue style cooking session, which is what I love to do. As your roasts bathes in smoke, all that amazing collagen and connective tissue melts and breaks down.

Do I have to wrap a chuck roast when smoking?

This will allow you to know when to wrap it or when it’s done entirely. Maintain moisture: Wrapping a chuck roast in butcher paper once it reaches 150 degrees in the smoker is a good way to help it maintain moisture as it cooks for its last chunk of time.

How long does it take to smoke a 3lb chuck roast?

A good rule of thumb is that it takes around 2 hours per pound at a smoking temperature of 225°F. What temperature should I smoke a chuck roast at? Keep the internal temperature of your smoker between 225°F and 250°F.

Is it better to smoke a chuck roast in foil or butcher paper?

in foil, the meat ends up very moist but you can tell it’s been braised. This is because of all the steaming action that happens inside the foil.. it just can’t breathe. With the paper, it is able to breathe while still holding in some of the moisture to keep it from drying out.

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