Absolutely! Once they’ve been cooking about 2-3 hours, wrap them in foil and let them cook that way for a couple of hours to tenderize them.

The Texas BBQ that made me fall in love with BBQ after growing up on sweet, pork BBQ in the south. These are the King of all BBQ for me. When you are eating BBQ in Texas you are typically eating what is known as short ribs or plate ribs. AKA 123A or 3 bone beef ribs which are trimmed from the mid-section of ribs 6 through 8. This cut can sometimes be difficult to find outside of a butcher shop. A good alternative are 130 beef chuck short ribs, aka 4 bone beef ribs which originate from the mid-section of ribs 2 through 5. These are easily found at grocery stores or Costco or just ask your butcher.

Also, 124 beef ribs, originating from the most dorsal section of ribs 6 through 12 can be found easily at many grocery stores. This is the portion of the ribs that is directly ventral to the ribeye roll. Considering the higher value of the muscles in the ribeye roll, 124 beef rib, back ribs have little to no overlying tissue on the dorsal side.

Smoke the Ribs Place the ribs meat side up in the smoker. You can spritz the ribs every couple hours or so with a liquid such as cider vinegar, beef broth or even water. The cook on 3 bone, beef short ribs will take 8 – 10 hours total depending on size.

Prepare your Smoker Prepare your Smoker at 250 degrees. We recommend a heavy smoking wood or pellet for this cook such as oak or mesquite. Traditional Texas BBQ is smoked with post oak.Prepare the ribs Trim any hard fat or silver skin off the meat side of the rack of ribs.

Remove the membrane off the back of beef ribs is optional. I do not typically do it but its ok if you choose to. I think the ribs cook better with it intact. Plus beef ribs dont eat like pork ribs with the unpleasant membrane. If you want to remove it, flip the ribs meat side down and remove it with a paper towel. Apply a heavy coat of our Holy Cow seasoning on the top side of the meat as well as the sides. Allow the meat side seasoning to adhere for at least 30 minutes.

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Absolutely! Once they’ve been cooking about 2-3 hours, wrap them in foil and let them cook that way for a couple of hours to tenderize them.


Do I have to wrap beef ribs?

You do not need to wrap the smoked beef ribs, this is an optional step that will speed up the cook and gently braise the meat. I’ve found this is a helpful step to make sure they are extra tender. Once the beef ribs hit 165-170°F, it’s time to wrap them tightly in butcher paper (the type used for BBQ).

How do you wrap beef ribs to rest?

Wrap tightly in a layer of butchers paper, or foil, to make a tight parcel. Remove the parcel from the grill, and set aside somewhere to rest for 1 hour. Remove the ribs from the wrapping. Using a sharp knife, carve the ribs into 3 pieces between the bones.

Do you wrap beef dino ribs?

I wrapped these in foil because it was all we had but you can also wrap in butcher paper. Before wrapping I drizzled some of the rendered down fat from my trimmings over the beef ribs. Wrap them up tight and place back on the smoker! I continued to smoke until the ribs reached about 202 and were probe tender.

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