does whataburger use real beef

Today, our founder’s original vision still inspires everything we do. Each and every Whataburger® is still made to order—when it’s ordered. We still use 100% pure, never-frozen beef and serve it on a big, toasted five-inch bun.

From wide, pillowy buns to patties stacked to the heavens, the modern-day hamburger is a sight to behold. Yet none of this gluttonous excess would have been remotely possible without Texas-based franchise Whataburger and its flagship offering, the No. 1. Typically listed first on the menu, the No. 1 was the franchises inaugural item that essentially set the stage for fast food decadence as we know it.

While other chains doled out comparatively tiny sandwiches and fries, this burger was different from the start, boasting a quarter pound of beef and a five-inch bread roll. Add on the five original toppers (lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and mustard) and there was no stopping the burger chains climb, which currently tops 800 locations spanning the Southwestern United States (via Forbes).

Assuming you live near a Whataburger, youve probably eaten this hamburger more times than you can count. But as it turns out, being the chains first offering isnt the only way the No. 1 became a fast food menu pioneer. Long before the chain claimed it could proffer 36,864 possible customizations, the No. 1 was a no-frills affair, a hearty hamburger that didnt skimp on the portions and promised customers a solid bargain in return. Over 70 years later, the impact of the No. 1 is still unfolding. Whether youre curious about this burgers Texan roots or its impressive size, youve come to the right place. Its never too late to find out the truth about Whataburgers No. 1.

You can buy the burger’s mustard in stores

The single standard condiment that Whataburger squirts on a No. 1 wont be any sort of mysterious secret sauce or fancy spicy ketchup. Instead, all the No. 1 needs is a bit of classic yellow mustard. Specifically, that would be Whataburgers Original Mustard. For a while, the tangy zip of this condiment was reserved for paying customers inside the restaurant, but not anymore. As of 2013, Whataburger condiments are available for purchase in supermarkets across the Southwest.

QSR reported that the Original Mustard would be sold at regional stores in Mexico and Texas, including, as a Facebook post revealed, H-E-B, Central Market and Joe Vs Smart Shops. Out of state customers can also buy the mustard at the online Whatastore. Here, fans can pick up three-packs of the Original Mustard for just $10.99, in addition to themed merch like clothing, drink tumblers, and even puzzles.

While we love a good branding moment, admittedly not all direct-to-store releases by restaurants are super authentic. There are two things that remain notable about Whataburgers bottled Original Mustard. One is how its the exact same spread that graces a No. 1. More significantly, the recipe has not changed since the 1950s, according to QSR. In other words, ordering the sandwich or grabbing a bottle of the stuff will result in the same delicious taste Whataburgers has offered from the start.

The No. 1 isn’t exactly healthy

The moment Whataburgers iconic A-frame silhouette comes into view, its like all attempts at calorie counting fly out the window. Fast food burgers like the No. 1 might be irresistible, but we cant exactly claim that its nourishing. If you peek at the Whataburger nutrition chart, youll see that the burger contains 590 calories, 25 grams of fat, 62 grams of carbs, 12 grams of sugar, and 1,220 grams of sodium. Now, nobody expects diet food when hitting up a burger stop, but the levels of sodium are still quite high. Its even more eyebrow-raising when you learn that it isnt even the largest burger on the menu.

That said, you could pick a far worse option than the No. 1. Compare it to a Triple Meat Whataburger, for example. The Triple Meat Whataburger has the highest calorie count of all the chains burger offerings, coming in at 1,070 calories, as well as harboring 63 grams of fat 130 milligrams of cholesterol, and 1,720 milligrams of sodium. Of course, we wouldnt expect anything less from a burger thats stacked with three patties (via Whataburger).

In theory, the No. 1 is tasty enough to warrant frequent visits. But for the sake of your health, we would advise you to treat this sandwich the way you would any artery-clogging delight: as an occasional indulgence.

It cost a quarter in 1950

Not many things will cost a quarter these days, but when Whataburger first hit the scene in 1950, a No. 1 rang up to a measly 25 cents (via MySA). In 2022 dollars, that sum translates to $3.15 when funneled through the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index Calculator. Surprisingly, when adjusted for inflation, the current amount is actually pretty close to what a Whataburger No. 1 costs today. As of this year, according to Fast Food Menu Prices, the sandwich on its own typically costs $3.09 or $5.59 when purchased with fries and a drink.

The burger might have been a steal back in the day, but as the Texas State Historical Association reveals, the low price came at the expense of profit. In response, the chain raises the price of the hamburger to 30 cents. The backlash was inevitable. In fact, the move provoked an irreconcilable rift between Whataburger co-founders Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton, to the point of ending the pairs business partnership for good the following year.

However, charging an extra five cents for the No. 1 did not force Whataburger into financial ruin. If anything, it helped the chain to thrive. Customers just really loved the hamburger, it turns out, and the high quality sandwich was worth every penny, no matter what price the chain listed (via Texas State Historical Association).

Today, our founder’s original vision still inspires everything we do. Each and every Whataburger® is still made to order—when it’s ordered. We still use 100% pure, never-frozen beef and serve it on a big, toasted five-inch bun.


Does Whataburger have real meat?

We take pride in delivering our fresh, bold flavors across our entire footprint, made possible by our: 100% fresh, never-frozen American beef. In-house distribution and supply chain management to ensure optimal freshness.

What meat is in a Whataburger?

Working for Whataburger for 9 years from a cook to a multi-unit GM it’s about quality. They actually buy that’s 100% beef and is typically 90/10 if you want to put it in super market terms.

Which is healthier Mcdonald’s or Whataburger?

But according to a new study, that guilt is more or less misplaced. Researchers compared cheeseburgers from top fast-food joints across the country and found that Whataburger’s is the healthiest in the country, according to WFAA.

Are fast food burgers real beef?

Most burgers at restaurants or fast food outlets contain beef. The beef is ground and shaped into a patty. This patty is grilled and placed between the halves of a sesame seed bun.

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