how do you cook a beef round roast

This Easy Top Round Roast Beef Recipe is going to become a regular in your house after you see how easy it is to make. Our fail proof cooking method leaves you with a flavorful and tender roast that you prepared in five minutes.

This recipe has become a huge family favorite in the two plus years since it was first published. My kids love how delicious it is and my husband and I love how easy it is to make, which makes it a true winner.

This easy top round roast beef recipe comes together in just five minutes with only five ingredients and that is counting salt and pepper! You will be shocked by how little it takes to make this oven roast beef absolutely delicious. Reader Review

How to Cook Roast Beef

The best way to cook a lean roast beef like top round is using a wire rack set in a roasting pan. This is actually key to this recipe because it lets the air circulate around the roast.

I bought my roasting pan (which you can see in the video) for $20 at a local department store and it is a great investment. You can also find one here.


The first thing you need to do is head to your local Meijer and get a four pound cut of Certified Angus Beef Top Round Roast. My Meijer didn’t have what I was looking for in the meat case, but the butcher was able to cut me something fresh right away!

The key to this recipe is starting out the roast at a really high temperature (450 degrees) to brown the outside, and then turning the heat down after fifteen minutes and finishing the roast off that way. It makes for a roast that is crisp and delicious on the outside and moist and tender on the inside.

If you are wondering the top round roast beef cooking time per pound, you should download the Roast Perfect App! It was made by the chefs at Certified Angus Beef. Not only does it tell you exactly how long to cook your meat, it tells you what size you should buy based on how many people you are looking to serve. It also has recipes, tips, and helps you select the perfect roast.

This recipe for a top round beef roast is just a slight variation on one of the amazing recipes that the chefs at Certified Angus Beef have come up with, because I just must tweak everything. But you will love all the great roast recipes that you find there.

Using an Instant Read Thermometer

I can’t recommend investing in an instant read thermometer enough. While I can give you a general idea of how long this will need to cook, because the thickness of a top round roast varies greatly, the time it takes to hit 135 will also vary greatly.

I love this instant read thermometer. You can poke the roast as many times as you need until the middle reaches 135. This instant read thermometer has been recommended to me by readers as one that you can leave in the roast inside the oven.

Rating 5.0 (411) · 1 hr 25 minNov 28, 2018 · Place the roast on a wire rack inside a shallow baking dish. Bake for 15 minutes at 450 degrees. Then reduce the oven to 325 degrees and bake


How do you tenderize a round roast beef?

A marinade is the best way to utilize acids and enzymes for your benefit in tenderizing. Acids assist in breaking down proteins, while enzymes relax and break down proteins. Acidic ingredients like vinegar, lemon juice, and even yogurt have a low pH that can assist in tenderizing your beef.

What is round roast best for?

The bottom round roast is typically used for roast beef but can make an excellent pot roast. This roast comes from the round primal or the rear part of the cow. It is leaner than either the brisket or chuck, so you may need to add some additional fat to prevent your pot roast from drying out.

Do you roast a beef roast covered or uncovered?

Roast without a lid for best browning. Use a thermometer to know when your Oven Roast is done the way you like it. Let roast stand at least 15 minutes after cooking to let juices settle. Carve Oven Roasts into thin slices across the grain.

Is beef round roast the same as chuck roast?

Chuck pot roasts have more fat, and therefore more flavor, than those from the round. Beef round roasts suitable for pot roasting are round tip, round rump, bottom round and eye round roasts. Most beef round and chuck pot roasts can be used interchangeably, with only slight adjustments in cooking time.

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