how do you cook beef eye of round steak

Not all steaks are created equal, which is why some are much higher in price than others. The eye of round roast is one of the less inexpensive cuts, especially compared to popular options like sirloin, strip, ribeye, and filet mignon.

However, steak enthusiasts know that a more affordable steak doesn’t always mean that it’s not worthy of the dinner plate. A round steak works perfectly with a roasting pan, sous vide bag, or other cooking methods that keep it tender and flavorful.

What is Eye of Round Steak?

The eye of round steak comes from the round primal cut, located in the rump area of the animal. Because it’s from an area that moves a lot (the leg and butt area), this cut tends to be muscle-y, and therefore chewier, than other steaks. But it’s also this reason that makes it more affordable than other cuts of steak.

Because it’s naturally tougher than, say, a ribeye or sirloin steak, eye of round beef isn’t usually used the same way as other cuts of steak. Instead, it’s often used as a roast. Keeping the beef intact allows it to crisp up the outer edges, while leaving the internal round roast more tender. If you do buy eye round roast steaks, you’ll probably want to marinate them for a while to loosen up the meat.

How to cook a thin eye of round steak on the stove?

Start by heating a skillet over medium heat with butter and oil. After that, add the thinly-sliced eye of round steaks. Sear each side for 1 to 2 minutes. You can add any seasonings and ingredients of your choice, including herbs, spices, and vegetables. Remove the steak from the heat and allow it to rest for a couple of minutes. Then, serve and enjoy!

How long does it take to cook an eye of round steak on the stove?

The cooking time might vary depending on the thickness of the steak and your preferred doneness.

  • Rare to medium: Cook each side for 2 to 3 minutes over medium-high heat.
  • Medium-rare to medium: Cook the steak for about 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Medium to well-done: Cook each side for 4 to 5 minutes.

Rating 5.0 (23) · 15 minBut perhaps the best way to cook eye of round steak is to pan-sear it on the stove until its exterior browns and crisps up. This cut of steak is also good for


How do you cook round steak so it is tender?

The key is to cook it very low and slow (just like when making Swiss Steak). If possible choose either beef round tip or preferably, the top round, which is the tenderest portion of the round.

What is round eye steak good for?

What is eye of round steak good for? Cooks often use eye of round steak for soups, stews, steak sandwiches, or other dishes that require cut or cubed steak. Some chefs also keep eye of round as a roast, cooking it slowly in the oven or a slow cooker to tenderize it.

How do you tenderize the eye of the round?

How to tenderize eye of round roast? The way we are tenderizing this lean cut of meat is by marinating it for 24 hours. There is salt in it from soy sauce and acid from lemon juice. Both will help make this a very tender roast recipe.

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