how do you make beef jerky in a dehydrator

Beef jerky is an easy and rewarding snack to make at home, especially when you have a dehydrator. A dehydrator helps maintain slow, even cooking at a constant temperature.

This recipe for flavorful beef jerky in a dehydrator features a robust medley of savory seasoning, bold soy sauce, and brown sugar sweetness for balance. You’ll be surprised by the great flavor with such simple ingredients.

There are two distinct advantages of a dehydrator when compared to a standard home oven when making homemade jerky.

First, a dehydrator operates at lower temperatures than most standard ovens. The dehydrator we use in our Test Kitchen, the Excalibur 9 Tray-Food Dehydrator, starts at 105°F and goes up to 165°F. The traditional convection oven in our Test Kitchen only goes down to 200°F.* The lower temperature of a dehydrator allows for a longer, more even cook cycle.

*Some ovens do go lower in temperature and even have a dehydrate setting. Check your oven to see if you have these features.

The second advantage of a dehydrator is extraction of moisture from the cooking environment. This allows the meat to dry as it cooks. Most home ovens operate in a sealed environment which traps moisture. A dehydrator circulates and extracts warm air.

While a dehydrator is the optimal cooking method for homemade beef jerky, it’s not essential. In fact, with a few tips and tricks, you can achieve delicious homemade beef jerky made right in your home oven. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to make beef jerky in an oven. You won’t be disappointed.

Do you have a smoker at home and love firing up the smoker? Check out our guide on how to make jerky in a smoker (coming soon).

Maybe you’re an air fryer aficionado. We have an air fryer beef jerky recipe as well (coming soon).

Our family has been making beef jerky for 90+ years and four generations. Our passion for cooking meat doesn’t stop at the end of the day. We love firing up new creations in our home kitchens. Commercial beef jerky might be our business, but homemade beef jerky is our passion.

We are honored to share our passion with you. Share your results with our team on our social media platforms (TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook).

Think of this recipe as a foundation for your homemade beef jerky creativity. You can easily turn this into a spicy beef jerky recipe with some dried chile peppers, hot sauce, or cayenne pepper.

Ready to take your jerky to the next level? Don’t forget to check out our very own beef jerky seasoning blends. We spent over a year and hundreds of batches to get the perfect blends. (Coming Soon! Sign-Up For Early Access).

Keep reading for pro tips, step-by-step instructions and frequently asked questions on how to make the best beef jerky in a dehydrator.

The process of making jerky breaks down into five easy steps, the sixth step being the best part – eating!

This recipe for flavorful beef jerky in a dehydrator features a robust medley of savory seasoning, bold soy sauce, and brown sugar sweetness for balance. You’ll be surprised by the great flavor with such simple ingredients.

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️ How to tell when it’s finished drying

Step 9 – Make sure you check your beef jerky throughout the drying process to avoid over drying. The jerky will be done when it bends and cracks but does not break in half. You will also see white fibers within the meat. If its done, let it sit on the rack and cool for a couple hours.

how do you make beef jerky in a dehydrator

Step 10 – Now its time to either store the beef jerky in ziplock bags, vacuum sealed bags, glass jars, or my favorite; your stomach! Beef jerky will stay good for 7-10 days if kept in ziplock bags. For longer storage, using vacuum sealed bags will allow the jerky to last 1-2 months. Please visit my page on storing beef jerky for further information.

Thats it! Those are the 10 easy to follow steps when learning how to make beef jerky at home.

The Excalibur Dehydrator is my favorite. There are others that will work great as well. Check out this post where I have tested and reviewed the top selling dehydrators for jerky.

No. Using an Oven or Smoker is another great way to make jerky.

Right here on Jerkyholic, we have over 100 great tasting recipes and marinades for making all types of jerky.

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Rating 4.9 (38) · 7 hrOct 10, 2020 · Step 8 – Beef jerky takes around 4-5 hours to dry when dehydrating. Turn the dehydrator to 165° and let it run for about 4 hours until the Storing Beef Jerky · Slicing Meat for Beef Jerky · Best Meat for Beef Jerky


How long does it take to make jerky in a dehydrator?

Dehydrate the Beef Dry the beef in a dehydrator set to the highest setting for about 4 hours, or until the jerky is done to your liking.

Does jerky need to be cooked before dehydrating?

Precooking meats to a minimum temperature of 160°F before drying ensures that you kill any harmful bacteria that may be present in the meat. The good news is, precooking shortens the drying time and tenderizes the meat.

What is the best meat for beef jerky?

Top Round. Top round is considered to be one of the best cuts of meat to use for jerky. In fact, this is the cut that many commercial jerkies are made from.

Is it cheaper to make your own beef jerky?

Making your own beef jerky at home is not only incredibly simple, but it is also much much cheaper than buying store-bought jerky. Plus, you’ll be able to control all the ingredients that go into making it; no weird stabilizers or unpronounceable additives.

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