how do you make homemade corned beef hash

Corned Beef Hash is a hearty breakfast or brunch made in a skillet with corned beef, potatoes, sauteed onions, and garlic. If you love corned beef, make your own with this perfect Corned Beef recipe!

Corned Beef Hash is usually considered a breakfast food, many times with fried eggs added to the top. If you wanted to add eggs to this, go for it! But, this hash is delicious on its own, as-is, with the meat and potatoes. It could definitely be enjoyed for any meal of the day if you ask me!

Corned Beef: Look for cooked corned beef hash. You could get some thicker slices from your local deli or use canned corned beef, which is also already cooked.

Onions: A common ingredient in corned beef hash recipes is onions; I used a yellow onion.

How to Make Corned Beef Hash

Wondering how to make corned beef hash? Its easy. Just sauté some onions, add chopped boiled potatoes and chopped cooked corned beef, and let them sizzle in the pan until browned and crispy at the edges. So good!

What is Corned Beef?

Corned beef is usually made by salt curing brisket, a cut of beef from the chest. Curing the beef this way removes the moisture from the meat and helps to preserve it. Its commonly found in corned beef and cabbage or Reuben sandwiches.

What is Corned Beef Hash?

Hash is generally a dish made with meat, potatoes, and onions fried in a pan. The word hash comes from the French word ‘hacher’, which means to chop. Hash is a great way to use up leftover ingredients from veggies to meat and can be made with almost anything you have on hand.

Besides this classic corned beef hash recipe, I also have a Kielbasa Breakfast Hash and Pulled Pork Hash that you might love.

how do you make homemade corned beef hash

Rating 4.7 (53) · 30 minIngredients · 2 to 3 tablespoons unsalted butter · 1 medium onion, finely chopped (about 1 cup) · 2 to 3 cups finely chopped, cooked corned beef · 2 to 3 cups Corned Beef and Cabbage · Quick and Easy Corned Beef · Red Flannel Hash


What is corned beef hash made from?

Corned beef hash is a hearty Irish meal made with potatoes and corned beef. The ingredients are traditionally pan-fried until they are tender and warm. Corned beef hash is a popular use for leftover corned beef (think the day after St. Patrick’s Day).

What is the secret to corned beef?

Because corned beef comes from brisket, a tough cut of meat. You need its connective tissue to break down so you can have tender results. Some like to braise their corned beef in an all-water liquid, with various spices and salt; others add beer to the mix to further tenderize the meat.

Do you put egg in corned beef hash?

Fry or poach a few eggs in a separate pan and serve them alongside your hash. Make a few nests in your pan of corn beef and crack the eggs into them. Cover the pan for a few minutes until the whites are set, and then serve the eggs and the hash together.

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