how much does corned beef cost

Price Per lb: $5.99

Each corned beef is 13.5 lbs.

We start with USDA Choice Top Rounds then cure the old-fashioned way. Fully cooked and 93% lean. The result is a flavorful corned beef. Please note: not kosher style.

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Orders received Monday – Thursday are typically shipped the following week. Orders received Friday – Sunday are typically shipped the second week following receipt of the order.

Shipping for orders over 40lbs can not be calculated online – you will be notified of shipping costs.

Please Note: Orders will be fulfilled as close as possible to the requested volume, though, due to the nature of the processing industry, it is not possible to get it exact. Sometimes the weight, and thus the total cost, will be slightly over and sometimes slightly under. If a partial refund or additional payment is needed, it will be handled at time of pickup. Share

Price Per lb: $5.99 Each corned beef is 13.5 lbs.


Why is corned beef so expensive?

The brining (and sometimes cooking) involves labor, packaging and special equipment expenses (on top of raw material costs), so all things being equal, it will cost more than beef brisket (the cut of beef corned beef is usually made from). … That’s less than half of the price of beef brisket.

How much corned beef to buy?

How much Corned Beef do I need? Around 1/2lb per person. A 2-3lb corned beef should serve 4-6 people. Today’s corned beef, cooked properly, should not shrink a significant amount.

How much is deli corned beef a pound?

$14.99 /lb. Avg.

How many people does a 4 lb corned beef feed?

When buying a brisket for corned beef, plan on about 3/4 pounds per person, or up to one pound per person if you want to make sure there are leftovers for things like sandwiches and hash.

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