how old is danny in beef

Danny’s last name is “Cho”, which is a Korean surname. Like Amy, Danny is around his 30s in the Netflix series.

Steven Yeun plays Danny Cho in the Netflix dark comedy series and won a 2024 Emmy for his performance.

Actor Steven Yeun is all the rage thanks to the road rage comedy Beef on Netflix.

Just one week after a Golden Globe win for his portrayal of Danny Cho on the Netflix dark comedy, the 39-year-old actor won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series on Monday. “I want to say thank you to [my character] Danny for teaching me that judgment and shame is a lonely place, but compassion and grace is where we can all meet,” he said in his emotional acceptance speech.

The series, which stars Yeun and comedian Ali Wong, logged more than 221 million hours streamed from its debut on April 6, 2023 through June 2023. Wong similarly won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series.

The series is the latest hit for Yeun, who had his breakthrough role on AMC’s The Walking Dead from 2010 through 2016. He has since gone on to star in films such as 2020’s Minari—which earned him an Oscar nomination—and Jordan Peele’s 2022 science fiction thriller Nope, as well as TV shows like the Netflix animated comedy Tuca & Bertie.

Here are some things you might not know about the South Korea–born Yeun and his acting career.


  • Dannys character is similar to another character that was also played by Steven Yeun named Derek Cho. Both Derek and Danny have the same last names, both struggle with anger issues that affects the people around them, go through an excessive “war” against those he dislikes and eventually redeem themselves at the end.


At the beginning of the series, after failing to return the grills on his own, he almost hits someone behind him. The driver proceeds to go on his side and discreetly flips him off. This sets him off and as a result, he speeds down the road to go after them but fails to stop the driver, instead tracking the persons license plate. He finds out that the person in question is named Amy Lau, a woman who owns a small plant business. In the meantime, he struggles with his business as well as his relationship with his brother.

After finding her house, he uses his occupation as a handyman and urinates on her bathroom floor. This would prompt her to go after him and harass him online. She attempts to find him at his residence but fails as he is with his cousin, Isaac Cho, to give off items. Later on, he works out with his brother, Paul, and wants to form a company with the two called “The Cho Bros” and celebrate it later tonight. However, when he leaves, he finds out Amy vandalized the car with racist remarks such as “I Cant Drive,” which sets off Danny and breaks off from the company with Paul. Later that night, he attempts to break into Amys house but fails as her security lights go on the next day, attempts to set her car on fire but backs out last minute due to the fact that June was in it.

During this time, he gets involved with the LA church in his area and uses that to discreetly embezzle money. He gets in contact with Isaac with the idea of forming a company with all three of both him, Isaac, and Paul called the Chosen Ones. They celebrate, however, they wake up realizing that Paul took the truck all the way to Las Vegas to meet “Kayla.” They later find him after going to a buffet but chase him after he flees, which prompts Danny to slap him and leave. Later on, Danny finds out that Amy Lau is there to give a presentation with her friend, Jordan, and decides to call her out before being escorted by security. Isaac punches security which results in both Danny and him running away before being caught by the police for assault, with Amy mocking her.

The day after, he finds Amys husband, George, and befriends himself as “Zane.” Because of this, Isaac threatens to make money for him so he can pay off his lawyers. However, through Naomis intervention, Danny finds out from Amy that he is being investigated for this and decides to get Isaac arrested in order to get away from him. He succeeds and hes put in jail for a few months.

Months pass and Danny finally was able to get a nice home similar to Amys for his family. He continues talking to George as “Zane” and vents to him about his issues trying to live up to his parents after they lost the motel that he currently lives in. Later on, the house he got for his parents burned out, causing his parents to move back to South Korea. He becomes angry and blames Amy once he soon finds out about Paul admitting to George that he had sex with her. However, after he finds out that it was his fault due to faulty wiring, he lets his anger take over and targets Amy once again.

Daniel goes to Georges house, however, George has found out that he is not Zane and goes to the restroom. When he comes out, George has him at gunpoint and a scuffle happens in which both George and Danny fight over the gun, proceeding in George hitting his hand against the wall and knocking him out. In a hurry, Danny leaves in his truck due to the cops, however, he finds out June and her dog are in the backseat, accidentally kidnapping her in the process. He arrives home and has June in an area of the house where he is safe. Isaac and his friends, Michael and Bobby beat up Danny while Paul watches in fear. After Isaac Cho finds out about June, she, Danny, and Paul are held hostage by Isaac who asks for ransom money and drives to Jordans home. While, in the car, Danny, Paul, and Bobby are in the car. While in the car, Paul strangles Bobby and knocks him out. Paul and Danny get caught by Michael at gunpoint and forced into the backyard to be framed but the police get there, causing chaos to happen.

After a gunfight happens, Paul jumps over a wall and attempts to help Danny. However, Danny attempts to make him leave before revealing he put Pauls college applications into the trash can, prompting Paul to leave him but hears gunshots, making him believe the police shot Paul. Danny witnesses Michael being shot to death by the police and after the fight is over, he manages to escape from Jordans house and take an abandoned Hummer. Danny proceeds to get into a race with Amy, causing the both of them to speed and fall down a cliff. They both survive but Amy attempts to shoot Danny dead but fails to do so, causing her to lose the gun and him to run and hide for the night. After the daytime arrives, Amy and Danny meet again and are forced to help each other after her foot got sprained from the crash by lifting her on his back. They both find the gun and Danny manages to grab it first but has his left arm broken by her. He is held at gunpoint and forced to find something to hold them until they get found. He finds some blue berries and eats them. However, both he and Amy start hallucinating and vomiting. This culminates in the both of them bonding and realizing they have a lot more in common, finding out about their “brokenness” and making amends while believing theyre gonna die soon at the night.

They make it past the nighttime, they are relieved that theyre alive and manage to find a tunnel. As Danny puts down Amy to rest, George arrives and believing Amy was being harmed, was shot by him. In the hospital, Amy watches Danny and thinks about the first time they met, making her get in bed and hold him as colors and days pass. Eventually, he wakes up.

He met his wife, Joana Pak, met through a mutual friend

how old is danny in beef

Yeun and his wife, photographer Joana Pak, met in Chicago in 2008 through a mutual friend. According to Martha Stewart Weddings, their romance didn’t begin until 2009. Pak was studying at Columbia College, while Yeun was performing for The Second City comedy theater.

The two married in December 2016 and have two children: a son, Jude Malcolm, and a daughter whose name they have kept private.

Danny’s last name is “Cho”, which is a Korean surname. Like Amy, Danny is around his 30s in the Netflix series.


How old was Amy in Beef?

Like Danny, Amy is in her 30s in the Netflix series. Amy masturbates with George’s handgun.

How old is June in Beef?

June is very young, ranging around between the ages of 4 and 6.

How old is Paul in Beef supposed to be?

Throughout the entire show, Paul is always referred to as being a child, maybe a late teenager or early twenties. He plays video games and is into crypto which is quite common among people his age.

Who is Danny’s brother in Beef?

Paul Cho is a character in the Netflix series, Beef. He is Danny Cho’s younger brother.

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