what are country style beef ribs

Also Known As: Boneless Chuck Roast. Meaty, boneless ribs that work best in a slow-cooker or slow-cooked and finished on the grill. Butcher’s Note. Made by splitting a Chuck Eye Steak in half lengthwise, resulting in two Boneless, Country-Style Ribs.

These boneless beef ribs are so delicious that Ill never make a chuck roast again! Seriously, as long as I can find the country-style beef ribs, it will always be my first choice when I want a nice piece of beef that is tender and melt-in-your-mouth good.

The first time I made this recipe, I was blown away at how beefy, succulent, and tender these boneless ribs came out. Of course, they arent really ribs. Country-style beef ribs are actually cut from the same area as a chuck roast which is the shoulder area on a cow. From what I have read, country-style beef ribs are cut from a chuck eye steak to resemble ribs and they are definitely my new favorite cut of beef for pressure cooking!

You can make this recipe with delicious mashed potatoes and a delicious gravy OR take it to the low carb zone with an amazing recipe for keto gravy and either mashed cauliflower or cauliflower au gratin.

Country-style beef ribs are the beef version of country-style pork ribs. When you see country-style pork ribs in the grocery store, they arent the same as baby back ribs or St. Louis style ribs. They are actually cut from a tougher cut of the pork called the pork shoulder. The same goes for country-style beef ribs. They are cut from the shoulder area of the cow and arent technically ribs at all.

Although they are from the same area on a cow, the chuck roast is very different from country-style beef ribs in several ways. Boneless country style beef ribs are well-marbled, but not as fatty and have less connective tissue, in my experience. The texture is also slightly different. The country-style beef ribs are firmer, but so tender. So, its more like eating a steak than a chuck roast that tends to shred. The country style beef ribs also have a more beefy taste. While the two cuts can be used interchangeably in many recipes, I would always recommend grabbing country-style beef ribs over a chuck roast if you find them.

Beef Country-Style Ribs can be tough if they arent cooked properly. This cut does best if its pressure cooked or slow cooked in a moist cooking environment. You can certainly finish them off on a grill, but there isnt a lot of fat to render. I have found it best to season and sear the ribs, and then pressure cook or slow cook until tender.

What are Country Style Beef Ribs?

I’m glad you asked! I didn’t know myself before spotting them on a recent trip to Aldi.

Beef country-style ribs aren’t actually ribs at all! They are typically cut from the chuck or shoulder area of the cow, offering a rich, meaty texture.

Unlike pork country-style ribs, which are more uniform in size, beef country-style ribs can be a bit more varied in shape.

However, what they lack in uniformity, they more than make up for in flavor and tenderness when cooked correctly.

Slow-cooking is an ideal method to tenderize these meaty cuts, while allowing the flavors to meld beautifully. With a decent amount of marbling, these ribs are exceptionally forgiving.

what are country style beef ribs

  • Beef Country Style Ribs – If this is your first time eating them, you’re in for a treat!
  • Olive oil – For brushing prior to adding the seasonings.
  • Spice mix – Salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and paprika.
  • BBQ sauce – Pick your favorite. We like Sweet Baby Ray’s.

How to Cook Boneless Beef Ribs in the Oven

1. Prep the ribs: Place a large piece of foil on a baking sheet. Pat dry the ribs, then place them on the sheet. Brush with olive oil, then season with spice mixture. Wrap the foil around the ribs to form a packet.

what are country style beef ribs

2. Bake: Place the beef ribs in an oven preheated to 300°F. Bake for two and a half hours.

what are country style beef ribs

3. Bring on the BBQ: Remove the country style ribs from the oven, and unwrap the foil. Be careful not to get burned from steam escaping the pouch. Brush barbecue sauce all over the ribs. Bake uncovered for 15 more minutes.

what are country style beef ribs

  • Quality Matters: Choose ribs with good marbling. The fat will render during cooking, keeping the meat juicy and flavorful.
  • Foil Is Your Friend: Wrapping the ribs in foil for the initial cooking phase helps to retain moisture, making your ribs even more succulent.
  • Sauce Timing: Apply the BBQ sauce only after the ribs are already tender. Applying it too early could cause it to burn due to the sugar content.
  • Rest and Relax: Don’t underestimate the power of letting your ribs rest before cutting into them. This lets the juices redistribute, ensuring every bite is mouthwateringly moist.

Slow Cooker Beef Country-Style Ribs

Although I love to use my pressure cooker to make this recipe, you may prefer to use your crock pot or slow cooker and that will work just fine. Its just going to take quite a bit longer.

You could make the gravy at the same time as you cook the ribs, but I prefer to do it at the end after the ribs are nice and tender. This way I know exactly how much flour, cornstarch, or xanthan gum I need to thicken the liquid to make the gravy.

In my experience, tougher cuts of meat also break down better when they are in thin liquid versus a thicker gravy. However, you can certainly do it any way you like.

My recommendations for slow cooking the boneless beef ribs is to season with the dry rub in the recipe and sear the ribs on all sides.

Place the ribs, along with the onion, mushrooms, and rosemary sprig into the slow cooker with 2 cups of beef stock or broth. I increase the liquid because you will have evaporation over the slow cooking process and although the beef will release its own juices, the 2 cups of liquid will heat up and help to get the meat cooking quicker.

The total slow cook time will depend on your slow cooker or crock pot, but I would definitely plan on at least 4 hours on high and 6-8 hours on low. The ribs are done when they are melt-in-your-mouth tender.

Also Known As: Boneless Chuck Roast. Meaty, boneless ribs that work best in a slow-cooker or slow-cooked and finished on the grill. Butcher’s Note. Made by splitting a Chuck Eye Steak in half lengthwise, resulting in two Boneless, Country-Style Ribs.


Are country style beef ribs the same as short ribs?

Country Style Ribs Don’t confuse boneless short ribs with country-style ribs. These “ribs” as their called aren’t actually ribs at all. They’re actually strips of the chuck primal or beef shoulder that are cut into boneless strips to look like ribs.

What cut of meat are country-style ribs?

Country-style ribs, however, come from the region where the loin meets up with the blade, or shoulder, of the animal. Therefore, they contain a mix of lean light meat from the loin, rich dark meat from the shoulder, and, if bone-in, part of the shoulder blade or rib bone.

Are country-style ribs any good?

The country-style ribs are a good choice for home cooks and outdoor grillers since they are meatier than other cuts of ribs and are less likely to dry out during cooking. The marbling in the meat gives country-style ribs on the grill a chance to become deeply flavorful.

Do beef country-style ribs have bones?

Country-style Ribs are Usually Boneless Instead, they come from the shoulder area — specifically from the fatty, muscular section of the shoulder blade near the loin. When country-style ribs have a bone in them, it is not rib bone but the scapula or shoulder blade.

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