where can i buy beef fillet

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Lobels of New York is the first choice of sophisticated customers looking to buy beef filets online. Our master butchers bring over 175 years of passion, quality, and expertise to all our beef tenderloins to exceed your expectations.

Natural Angus Beef from Family Farms

Quite simply: We buy the best product from the best cattle raising region in the United States.

Quality cattle are essential for an outstanding finished product. Thats why only the finest grain fed, natural Angus cattle from Midwest American family farms supply the Porter & York beef. Our meat comes from pasture-raised cattle that are fed a 100% vegetarian diet of grass, corn, and whole grains.

Our cattle are humanely processed in state of the art facilities. We emphasize sustainability and ecologically friendly processes. We do not add ingredients, colors, or chemicals.

$29 to $230Buy Beef Tenderloins Online From Lobel’s of New York. Our master butchers will hand-cut and vacuum-pack your USDA Prime beef the day it’s ready to ship to your USDA Prime Tenderloin Roasts · USDA Prime Filet Mignon


What is another name for beef fillet?

Filet Mignon is also referred to as “Tenderloin filet,” “Tenderloin steak,” “tournedos (Tenderloin tips),” or simply “filet.”

What is a filet called at the grocery store?

Filet mignon is commonly labeled as “beef tenderloin” in grocery stores. It is a highly prized and tender cut of beef from the small end of the tenderloin. If you want to buy filet mignon at the grocery story to grill at home, look for “tenderloin”.

Is beef tenderloin the same as beef fillet?

To sum up: Filet mignon is part of a beef tenderloin, but a beef tenderloin is not a filet mignon. Instead, it houses the filet mignon, which comes from the end portion of the tenderloin. The rest of the tenderloin can create other steak cuts or a delicious tenderloin roast to feed the family.

Is beef fillet expensive?

A whole fillet of beef will weigh around 1.80-2.00kg and can serve 8+ people. Fillet Steak is classed as the best, it is not only the most expensive steak on offer, but it is also the most expensive cut on the animal. Its the most tender but possibly not full of flavour.

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