where can i buy beef shank

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$45 4.4-4.7 lbs / ships frozen 4.4-4.7 lbs / ships frozen

If there’s anything we’ve learned since opening, it’s that folks with smokers are always looking for something fun and unique. The Volcano Shank is our newest, and one of our most epic smoking cuts. This cut features a frenched marrow-filled bone and the hard-working shank muscle, which transforms when cooked low and slow. This is NOT a cut for beginners — without much fat and with lots of connective tissue, it takes a special touch, and a lot of time to get this cut to shine. For a detailed tutorial, watch our friend MadScientist BBQ cook them here.

Hormone Free No Antibiotics Pasture-Raised

where can i buy beef shank

Our butcher’s have carefully frenched (aka cleaned) a portion of the bone shank (forearm) to give this large cut an impressive presentation. Note that this cut has minimal fat, and lots of connective tissue, which means youll need to be patient to get tender results.

Low and slow is the name of the game. To achieve tender perfection, you need to cook your volcano shank at 250°F, and keep it there for hours. We suggest smoking until the internal temp reaches 180°F, then adding moisture and wrapping for the remainder of the cook. Smoking for 10+ hours at a low temperature allows the connective tissue to break down, and lessens the chance moisture will escape. While we love smoking this cut, it’s also a great braising option as the marrow-rich bones make an extra luscious sauce.

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where can i buy beef shank

where can i buy beef shank

where can i buy beef shank

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where can i buy beef shank

where can i buy beef shank

where can i buy beef shank

where can i buy beef shank

where can i buy beef shank

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Buy Beef Shank at stores near you · ALDI. Pickup 21.4mi · Black Angus USDA Choice Beef Stew Meat · Old Neighborhood Beef Shaved Steak · Dillons. Pickup 19.9mi.


Is there another name for beef shank?

The shank cross cut is the only real cut, but it goes by different names. These include the beef fore shank and the beef Osso Bucco cut. Shank meat is generally cut horizontally in thin slices. The cut resembles a steak with a leg bone circle.

Why can’t i find beef shank?

However, one that you are not likely ever going to see are beef shanks. Perhaps one of the most affordable cuts of beef available, the shank doesn’t sell well as other cuts for one simple reason: It’s very tough. The shank is sourced from the forearm of the cow, just between the brisket and the short plate.

Are beef shanks expensive?

That cross-cut leg bone is filled with succulent marrow. Low cost per pound (less than $3/lb Steakhouse and $4/lb Organic)

Can you get a beef shank?

Shanks are one of the cheapest cuts of beef and can be found at any basic grocery store or butcher. Easy to make. You only need one Dutch oven or soup pot to make this dish.

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