where can i find wagyu beef

Prized for its excellence, flavor, and eating experience, Wagyu beef and other rare breeds have been gaining popularity in the US. We hope to share these experiences with you by providing the highest quality ingredients for your next eating excursion with friends and family. Our wide selection of Wagyu beef will impress all your guests at your next event, whether that be your famous 4th of July barbecue or your loved ones birthday.

At The Wagyu Shop, we value honesty and integrity both in our food and our suppliers. Everything that flows through The Wagyu Shop must meet or exceed our strict standards. We pride ourselves on working with smaller farms and ranchers who focus on raising their quality herds humanely. We don’t settle, and neither should you—quality is the foundation of our business.

It all began in 2007 with local distribution to renowned restaurants across the San Francisco Bay Area. After 10 years of distributing some of the finest meats to fine dining restaurants and high-end markets throughout the United States, we saw the opportunity to sell directly to the most gourmet and health-conscious of consumers.

It became apparent that many meat connoisseurs were not able to get quality meats at their local butcher shops, and many also could not get the transparency needed to know exactly where their food was sourced from. Through The Wagyu Shop, you are now able to access high quality meats from reputable and trustworthy farmers and suppliers. Our focus is on the famous Wagyu beef genetics and quality husbandry provided by quality producers.

What Makes Wagyu Beef Special?

The cows were originally prized for their physical endurance. They are fed a specialized diet for 600 days that include fresh grass, alfalfa and rice straw. Each Black, Brown, Shorthorn, and Mukaku Wagyu cow can cost up to $30,000 in comparison to a regular beef cow that comes in at only $2,500. This is to ensure consistency and flavor. Although lauded for its prized fat, decadent Wagyu beef has a lower cholesterol count than chicken or turkey.

What is Wagyu Beef?

It only takes one bite of Wagyu to experience true luxury served on a plate. This intense experience includes the buttery flavor of its signature marbling and absolute tenderness. Wa means Japanese and gyu means cow; the name translates into “Japanese cattle.”

Through The Wagyu Shop, you are now able to access high quality meats from reputable and trustworthy farmers and suppliers. Our focus is on the famous Wagyu A5 Japanese Wagyu Beef · Authentic Japanese Wagyu beef · Products · Kobe Beef


Where do you get Wagyu meat from?

The highly revered beef comes exclusively from Japan and is sourced from four main cattle breeds – Kuroge (Black), Aakage (Brown), Nihon Tankaku (Shorthorn) and Mukaku (Polled). The only way to consistently produce this exceptional quality meat is to practice the highest, most meticulous forms of cattle raising.

How much does Wagyu beef cost?

Due to the strict regulations and high demand, both beef can be quite expensive: The price of Kobe beef per pound can range from around $200 to $500; while the price of Wagyu beef per pound can range from around $50 to $150.

Are there Wagyu cows in the US?

According to the American Wagyu Association, there are roughly 40,000 Wagyu-influenced cows in America today, with less than 5,000 being considered 100% purebred or “full-blood” as the term goes.

Is Costco Wagyu beef from Japan?

Imported From the Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan.

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