where do you buy grass fed beef

100% Grass-Fed Beef Delivered to Your Home! (Limited Area)

where do you buy grass fed beef

A farm-to-table sirloin that comes to you?

We know its hard to find the taste of Hudson Valley 100% Grass-Fed beef outside of Upstate New York. Now you can have it delivered within about 48 hours of ordering. Karl Family Farms uses non-toxic, biodegradable packaging, low-impact cooling (dry ice), carbon offsets and more for safe and sustainable shipment. We do so to ensure each delivery results in a lower environmental impact than your average drive to the supermarket.

Delivery to all ZIP Codes in NY, NJ, PA, CT, RI and MA with a transit time of 1-2 days via ground shipping.

Visit our Delivery FAQ for more information.

Karl Family Farms delivers an assortment of tasty fresh meats.

where do you buy grass fed beef

Taste Real Grass-Fed Beef for the First Time

Our beef comes from Galloways (Belted, Black, and White) with a small influence of Angus and Devon born on our farm. The special flavor in our meats, however, comes from how we raise them: on pastures of nutrient-dense Hudson Valley grass without chemicals, added hormones, or antibiotics. This gives our grass-fed beef a balanced and refined taste that lets you truly enjoy the rich and juicy flavor.

Straight from the Source

I finally know where our beef comes from. Great Customer Service, even better grass fed beef.

The Borstein Family ~ Conshohocken, PA

I just reserved my 1/4 share. Super Excited!! I spoke with Stefan, the owner and rancher,great guy and thoroughly answered all of my questions and walked me through the whole process. Keep up the great work.

Noah ~ Newtown, PA

Rating 4.9 (2,237) When it comes to grass-fed beef, you want products that are produced ethically and taste great. Here at Seven Sons, we’ve got you covered.Beef Staples Box · Ground Beef · Beef Suet · Gourmet Ground Beef


Do any supermarkets sell grass fed beef?

Look for beef that is labelled as 100% grass fed or carries a Pasture For Life Certification. No, you won’t find such meat in a supermarket.

What meat brands are grass fed?

Panorama Organic, the nation’s largest producer of 100% grass-fed, grass-finished USDA Certified Organic beef, works with 34 independent family ranchers across eight states. Ranchers raise cattle on organic rangelands and farm in a way that promotes animal health and protects delicate rangeland ecosystems.

Who is the largest supplier of grass fed beef?

Perdue Farms is to add Panorama Meats, the US largest producer of 100% grass-fed and grass-finished certified organic beef, to its subsidiaries gathered under the umbrella of Perdue Premium Meat.

Is it worth it to buy grass fed beef?

It tends to be leaner and more nutritious than grain-fed beef but is often more expensive. Like other meats, it should be cooked properly and eaten in moderation. U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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