Can A Pool Noodle Be Used As Insulation

Random thoughts: I already have a lot of them lying around the house, so the price is definitely right!

This may seem like a silly question, but do you know what pool noodles are? They’re a sort of foam that kids use to play in pools, but they float in a way. I mean, I can get a ton of them for free since people throw them out like there’s no tomorrow so I always see them in the trash, so do you think a basic pool noodle would be somewhat similar in R value compared to the basic polyethelyene foam pipe insulation? They are typically hollow enough to accommodate thin copper pipes, such as the water line, and come in vibrant neon colors as opposed to dark grey. They are not glued and have a larger diameter, but duct tape is also inexpensive. In certain circumstances where space is not a concern, they would work.

But the shape and size also add to the versatility of pool noodles, and people are discovering new creative ways to use them around the house. Some use them as pipe insulators instead of just flapping them around during swimming practice.

Pipes are invaluable to the household. Without them, there wouldn’t be any running water, which would prevent you from taking long, introspective showers or brushing your teeth when you’re depressed. Insulation foam helps you save energy, ensures that the heat is maintained, and guards against boiling and freezing temperatures damaging pipes.

You can alternatively use pool noodles to insulate your pipes in just a few easy steps. First, make sure you get the right type of pool noodle. According to Foam Noodles, clamp noodles are great because they have an opening where you can just clamp the noodle around the pipe. Then, use some strong duct tape to secure it in place.

If you dont have any clamp pool noodles, you can use a regular pool noodle and create the clamp yourself just like YouTube creator @vanplaas did for his water pipe. Using a pocket knife, measure out the length you need for the pipe and cut out a matching length for the pool noodle. Then, slice down one side of the noodle vertically to create a clamp for the pipe. “Just take it and cut one side open,” he said, demonstrating how it fits nicely on the pipe. “Like a glove.”

In order to keep heat from escaping pipes that are primarily used to transport tempered water throughout the home, pipe insulators sheathe them. Since pool noodles resemble pipe insulators, it raises the question of whether they could be used in an emergency instead of pipe insulators. Fortunately, you can use them to insulate the pipes in your house.

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