Can I Eat Chicken Noodle Soup Before Colonoscopy

Let’s look at the bright side of colonoscopies:

  • two days to do as little as possible with a good excuse Ideal chance to watch Dawson’s Creek, episode 1, without having to feel self-conscious about doing a jigsaw puzzle and to ignore your boss
  • Cleaning out your system. All preps are difficult to complete and have unpleasant side effects, but once you’re done, it’s good to completely empty your system and give your bowels a vacation from their full-time work.
  • Post-procedure naps. Once everything is finished, you can return home and enjoy the most amazing, revitalizing nap imaginable.
  • Your first meal back. Two-Four-Six-Eight, who do we appreciate? Solid food. If you’re anything like me, your dreams during the scope
  • Showing off to your 50+ year old counterparts. Oh, you’re delaying the first, crucial colonoscopy for the detection of colorectal cancer? Come on, I’ve done that. Seven times.

Is it acceptable for me to wear my dentures to my procedure appointment? On the other hand, they might ask you to take them out before the colonoscopy.

In 1994, Rhode Island Hospital and The Miriam Hospital established Lifespan, the state’s first healthcare system. The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University is one of Lifespans current partners. Other comprehensive, integrated academic health systems include Rhode Island Hospital’s pediatric division, Hasbro Childrens Hospital, Bradley Hospital, Newport Hospital, Gateway Healthcare, Lifespan Physician Group, and Coastal Medical.

Red is one of the drugs I was told to take the morning of my procedure. Can I still take it? Yes. Regardless of the color, you may take medication for heart problems, high blood pressure, and seizures the morning of your exam.

What do you mean by “clear liquids”? Any watery beverage that is visible through, like Gatorade, apple juice, herbal tea without milk, clear chicken broth, etc., is considered a clear liquid. Why should I stay away from red liquids? The color red can linger in the colon and be misinterpreted for blood.

Is it okay for me to have chicken soup? You are only allowed to consume clear beverages, so I can have the chicken broth but not the noodles, chicken, or veggies.

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