can you cook chicken and beef fajitas together

Tip 5: Use a Cast Iron Pan

If you have one, I highly recommend using a cast iron skillet like this one for this recipe. It maintains even heat and helps to char the meat and veggies as they quickly saute in a little oil.

Step 1: Make the Marinade

Slice your meat thinly. Then, add all the marinade ingredients to two gallon-sized storage bags. Use your hands to massage the bags from the bottom and combine the marinade. Then, add the steak to one bag and the chicken to the other, seal, and toss until the meat is evenly coated.

can you cook chicken and beef fajitas together

What Makes These Chicken and Steak Fajitas the BEST

Now that the proper definition of “fajita” out of the way, you must know why this particular fajita recipe may be the BEST.

Thanks to an easy, yet complex-tasting marinade, the strips of chicken and steak turn out smokey, lime-infused, with a hint of heat in the background. They are perfectly seasoned and moist. The onions and bell peppers (thanks to a secret ingredient) turn out a little sweet which balances out the acid from the lime juice.

can you cook chicken and beef fajitas together

When served on warm tortillas, these chicken and steak fajitas taste like restaurant quality…especially if you squeeze some lime and add a little chopped cilantro over the top!

can you cook chicken and beef fajitas together

Rating 5.0 (13) · 25 minMar 17, 2022 · These chicken and steak fajitas make a great go-to weeknight dinner that tastes like restaurant quality. They’re quick to assemble, easily Ingredients for Chicken and · Step-by-Step Directions


Do you cut chicken fajita meat before cooking?

Slicing will save you cook time. You can avoid overcooking and drying out the chicken by slicing the peppers, onions, and chicken into 1/4-inch strips. For the chicken breast, cutting across the meat’s grain will make for more tender fajitas.

Do you slice fajita meat before or after cooking?

Cook the steak in a large cast iron skillet over medium-high heat for 4 to 6 minutes per side. Move it to a cutting board, and let it rest. Slice it across the grain into thin strips.

Why is my fajita meat so tough?

The marinade must contain some sort of acid — lime juice or vinegar, for example — to help break down the connective tissue in the beef that can make it chewy. The acid also adds essential flavor, but too much can be overpowering and overdo the tenderizing effects, resulting in squishy, unpleasant fajita meat.

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