Can You Cook Instant Noodles In Air Fryer

What is Air Fryer Noodles

Now, let’s talk about these noodles: air fryer noodles. These are super crisp yet need ZERO oil to make. They are crunchy and super delicious.

To get the crunch, these noodles are air-fried after being boiled. They can be used to make Chinese Bhel or American Chopsuey, and they make a delicious topping for Manchow Soup.

I have made this three-ingredient recipe numerous times before posting it here. I have them all, from burnt noodles to a disorganized air fryer. However, this version has long been a favorite because it functions well.

These air fryer noodles can be prepared in advance, whether you want to use them as a topping or to make some bhel. When kept in an airtight container, they last a very long time.

Finished (click to enlarge). After cooking the Indomie Mi Goreng according to the directions on the package, I air-fried it for three minutes in a small deep-dish pizza pan that had been greased. This was insufficient to achieve the desired crispness, so I added three more Then some ‘rustic cut’ mozzarella. Finally, a fried egg on top. This ended up working pretty well. Similar to sarta udon, a Japanese dish with crisp noodles and a sauce that gradually softens them, the yolk broke and hit the crisp parts of the noodle. The mozzarella gave everything a bit more coherence and a boost of flavor. The sara udon component piqued my interest, and I wonder if something akin to a Buldak or Shin might be next, but with a sauce or soup added toward the end to highlight that specific element. Overall, a lot has changed since the first experiment.

Perhaps there’s something to the term ‘third time’s the charm. We found this one after doing a few fact-finding missions to see what happens when cooked ramen is placed in an air fryer, and it worked out fairly well. Of course, some people will freak out over this right away. I know it’s outside your comfort zone, which makes me want to do it more, but why are you doing this? Why not? Second, I made the decision to focus on winning instead of depending on people who had previously assured me that I would win so much that I would get tired of winning.

This Recipe of Air Fryer Noodles

  • We can make this recipe really quickly. The only time that is involved is the time needed to air fry and boil the noodles. Rest is just to dry out the noodles a little.
  • Since these noodles are used in so many other recipes, I don’t season them. While adding pepper or sichuan peppers to the water will work, the noodles won’t taste very good.
  • Comes together easily and well when worked in batches. Do not overcrowd the air fryer with noodles. They will stick to each other and become a mess.
  • In order to absorb moisture, the traditional deep-frying recipe calls for coating the noodles in corn starch. But in my experience, the coating doesn’t cook through and stays as a white, unpleasant-to-eat layer on top. So skip that step for the air fryer.

Can You Cook Instant Noodles In Air Fryer

Noodles: The starting point of the recipe is noodles. I like to use these noodles for the recipe. They work wonderfully for this air fryer noodle recipe and beyond.

If not this particular brand, search for medium-thick noodles. Noodles that are extremely thin or flat will either burn or fry unevenly.

Water: We cook the noodles in water because we have to boil them first before air-frying them.

Salt: We use salt to season the noodles. Aside from that, the recipe calls for no additional seasoning. There is no need to season these noodles because they will be used in other recipes.

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