Can You Eat Ramen Noodles On Your Period

What not to eat during periods

“Just as right foods can help manage periods in a better way, wrong foods during periods can increase the chances of periods pain, stress, sleepless nights, and other symptoms of the monthly cycle,” says Priya Kathpal, a renowned nutritionist from Mumbai. “.

Refrain from consuming foods such as chips, namkeen, savories, etc. during your menstrual cycle, despite any temptation. Steer clear of packaged food in all forms as it is high in sodium. Your premenstrual syndrome (PMS) will undoubtedly improve if you cut back on these foods.

Why: Bloating during periods is frequently caused by water retention Cutting down on salty foods helps reduce bloating.

Simply swapping your white bread and pasta for wholewheat will really help with your period symptoms. Not only will they keep you fuller for longer, but they are also packed full of fibre, helping aid your digestion and bloating symptoms. I always make my Simple Spaghetti with wholewheat pasta.

Eating a yoghurt packed full of good bacteria will help with your digestion and bloating. Having a happy tummy really is needed at this time of the month. Try overnight oats with yoghurt so you can grab them first thing, or pile on the granola, if you want to feel like you are really indulging, why not make some smoothie ice creams using yoghurt?

Avoiding carbonated drinks, sugar, alcohol, processed foods, caffeinated beverages, and foods high in salt (like canned soup, bacon, and chips) will help prevent bloating during your menstrual cycle, I assure you. Additionally, stay away from foods high in fat; this will save your hormonal skin. Moreover, try reducing your dairy intake because it contains a lot of arachidonic acid, which can actually cause cramping.

Salmon is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, which are great at helping relax muscles and ease all that cramping. I have a few salmon recipes you could try Thai Style Salmon and Noodle Salad, Steamed Salmon and Spring Veg Parcels, Salmon Firecracker Fried Rice. If you are vegetarian, you can find Omega-3 in avocados, walnuts, pumpkin and flax seeds.

Greens are packed full of iron, which you lose a heap of when on your period. So theres no better time to pack in as much of them as you can, spinach, kale, swiss chard, all will help with your iron levels. Im not asking you to eat a whole bowl of the stuff, but they are so easy to incorporate into meals. My Caribbean Stew has an entire bag of spinach in it. You can add spinach to a smoothie, add greens to an omelette, or blend a heap and make a pesto for pasta.

2. Refined flour (maida)

Avoid eating pizza, pasta, white bread, and parathas when you’re menstruating.

Why: Digestion is brought on by gas in the stomach and constipation brought on by refined flours like maida. Refined grains such as white rice and maida are depleted of nutrients, which can lead to variations in blood sugar levels.

Steer clear of sweets and other sugary drinks during your period if you’ve noticed that your cravings for anything sweet increase during that time.

Why: Sugary food imbalances the blood sugar level during periods. Such fluctuations lead to mood swings and tension. Additionally, eating sugar makes your abdominal cramps worse and wears you out.

It is best to stay away from deep-fried foods like french fries, pakodas, and bajjis when you are menstruating. Steer clear of heavy foods like red meat and dairy products made with whole milk. High-fat foods have the potential to cause inflammation in the body, which raises the risk of PMS symptoms like cramps and back pain, among others.

Why: Period pain and symptoms like breast tenderness are exacerbated by saturated fats and trans-fat found in fried and fatty foods. Additionally, eating a lot of fat can cause inflammation in the body, which raises the possibility of PMS symptoms like cramps and back pain, among others.

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