Can You Have Chicken Noodle Soup Before A Colonoscopy

What to get at the grocery store before a colonoscopy

Brooks goes shopping before a follow-up colonoscopy. Brooks assists in creating your grocery list. What are some of the best items to purchase before having a colonoscopy?

About this colonoscopy guide

This is not medical advice; rather, it is meant to be a guide.

Make sure you let your healthcare provider know about any medications you take. Vitamins, herbs, supplements, aspirin products, medications for arthritis, anticoagulants (blood thinners like heparin or warfarin), clopidogrel, insulin, and iron products are examples of this. Additionally, disclose any information regarding allergies to any medications, including anesthesia of any kind.

The majority of medications are safe to continue taking during the prep phase, however some may interfere with the colonoscopy or the bowel prep. You will receive detailed instructions from your healthcare provider regarding your medications and/or allergies. Read these before the test; you might need to buy supplies and laxatives, and you might need to stick to a special liquid diet for a minimum of one day.

**Note: All information is based on guidelines provided by the American Cancer Society and the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.

How to prepare for your colonoscopy

There’s a reason why the colonoscopy preparation is so stringent. Being well-prepared allows your physician to examine your colon clearly, which produces more accurate findings.

  • Read through all of the preparation instructions, including any unique guidance from your healthcare provider, first. After reading all of your instructions, here are some general tips to get you started with the preparation: Make a meal plan that suits your tastes and incorporates foods that are easier to pass and won’t make you constipated. Make your shopping list. For assistance, double-check it and visit our nutrition page for health and wellness. Purchase the groceries you need for your meal plan. Buy your colonoscopy preparation products. Arrange a driver for your procedure. Stop all medications containing aspirin and ibuprofen.
  • Getting Closer. Starting five days prior to your appointment, there are a few things you should do and keep in mind: Acetaminophen is allowed for use. Make a five-day menu plan and start preparing meals ahead of time. Stop supplements: Herbal, vitamins, fish oil, and oral iron supplements. What should I avoid eating five days before my procedure? The following is a brief list of things to avoid eating: Any food that contains seeds, nuts, or popcorn; Raw vegetables with a skin, seeds, corn, broccoli, cabbage, dried beans, or peas; Whole grain bread or pasta, brown or wild rice, cereal such as oatmeal, shredded wheat, and granola; Fruit with skins; Tough meat with gristle; White bread, pasta and noodles; White rice; Potatoes without skin; Cancelled or well-cooked vegetables without seeds or skin; Tender meat, chicken, or fish
  • Stay hydrated. Drink 8oz of water per hour that you are awake. Two days prior to your appointment, make sure you have a driver who will accompany you. Here are some additional crucial pointers. (Important detail: your driver must be 18 or older. )Complete all medical forms. List all medications you are on. Find insurance cards. Assemble the addresses and first and last names of every doctor you would like a copy of your procedure sent to. Choose your attire: tennis or flat shoes, comfortable, loose-fitting clothes Do not wear jewelry, watches or bring valuables.
  • No solid food or alcohol. Other crucial advice for the day before your appointment is as follows: Take your prescribed medications one hour before consuming prep solutions to allow them to absorb the bowel preparation Follow your bowel prep instructions your doctor prescribed. Drinks that replace electrolytes: ginger ale, orange, diet cola; coffee or tea (without cream); clear soup, beef broth, chicken broth, bone broth, bouillon; dairy products; shakes; smoothies; dairy products; milk; orange, grapefruit, prune (all red or purple juices); liquids you must avoid: milk, shakes, smoothies; dairy products; any liquids you cannot see through
  • You’ve got this! Pay close attention to these crucial pointers: If you followed all the directions, your stool should be a clear or yellow liquid. If it is, then you are ready for your colonoscopy. No food or liquid three hours before your scheduled procedure. No drugs, alcohol, or other substances that might cause cognitive impairment Avoid consuming alcohol, operating a vehicle, and signing any legal documents prior to the day following your procedure. Give up all oral intake, including all liquids, tobacco products, and chewing gum.

To help you get ready for your colonoscopy, watch these videos with Brooks Bell, the young-onset cancer survivor and colonoscopy enthusiast.

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