Floor Still Dirty After Norwex Mop

Truthfully, my house is never as clean as all those styled Pinterest photos. I have dogs, kids, DIY projects, and the general messes of life. I really have to work to keep our home clean. And the floors are the worst!

When I found about the Norwex Mop System, which promised to make cleaning my floors easier, healthier, and cleaner, I was pretty ecstatic. And frankly, after receiving so many questions about my Norwex Cleaning Cloth Review, I wanted to take some time today to talk about another very popular collection – The Norwex Mop System.

I have thoroughly tested the Norwex mop and while I always share my honest opinions, I have chosen to write this post as an unaffiliated post. I am not affiliated at all with Norwex, e-cloths, or any other company. Everyone should be able to read this review and decide if the products would be best for them, because the answer may not be the same for everyone!

My neighbor is a consultant, but I honestly get nothing for this review. For me, the reasons I write these posts are not to make money, I just like helping people with my experiences and after finding very few unaffiliated reviews on the internet, I decided to write my own.

If you are looking for reviews, you probably already have a consultant or know someone who is. However, you can order online here if you don’t. If you do order and use Rachel’s Party, I may one day earn enough for some laundry detergent, haha.

If you finish mopping a room and the spot where you started is still wet, the mop is too wet (unless the room in tiny). The mop pad is dirty – As you mop your floor, the pad will become dirty. It’s important to rinse the pad off as you use it.

3 Reasons Why your e-cloth or Norwex Mop Will Leave Streaks

  • The mop pad is too wet – The damp mop pad should be just barely wet. If you can wring any water out of it, it’s too wet. The pad should be “just damp” so that your floor will dry almost immediately. If you finish mopping a room and the spot where you started is still wet, the mop is too wet (unless the room in miniscule).
  • The mop pad is dirty – As you mop your floor, the pad will become dirty. It’s important to rinse the pad off as you use it. How often you need to rinse is going to depend on the condition of your floors. In the spring and fall – the “muddy” seasons – I typically have to rinse the pad after I finish every room or two thanks to the tracks my kids and dog bring in. In the summer and winter, I can easily do half of my downstairs area without rinsing. Take a look at the pad as you’re mopping. If it’s dirty, rinse it. Hot water will open the fibers so the dirt can be released. Then wring it out really well and put it back on the mop.
  • There is cleanser or polish on the floor – If you’ve used any sort of cleanser or polish on your floors in the past, it may take a few uses of the e-cloth (or Norwex) mop to remove it. Each time you use the e-cloth mop, it will remove a bit of that cleanser/polish and the floor will look streaky. Once you’ve used the e-cloth mop enough to remove all the cleanser/polish, you should no longer see streaks and you’ll find that the mop glides more easily over the surface.
  • Why I Needed a New Mop

    As much as I dislike cleaning floors, I LOVE the way clean floors feel. Nothing screams “Your house is filthy!” like grit, crumbs, and hair sticking to my feet. Generally, I like to get every room in the house done in one fell swoop – both the sweeping and washing. None of this, “one room today, and another room tomorrow.”Otherwise, I’d never have that “Ahhh, clean floors,” feeling. However, since it’s such a big job, this is a problem.

    I also like to have a quick way to clean my open concept floors when a friend phones and says “I’m coming for coffee in 5 minutes!” I needed a floor cleaning system that would help me get my floors clean FAST.

    After getting my hands on the Norwex Mop for the first time, I knew RIGHT AWAY that it was definitely a 5 star product. But there was a catch… it has a 3 star price tag!!! It REALLY works, but it’s expensive. Let’s face it: paying between $95 and $113 for a MOP seems mildly ludicrous when there are so many other lovely, enjoyable, yummy things that I could spend that money on.

    Despite the cost, I DID buy one, and I don’t regret it one bit. I seriously LOVE this mop. I almost like cleaning floors now because they actually get clean, and they get done FAST!

    The Superior Mop collection is available in two different sizes. Small and Large. Both come with a plush yellow microfiber dry mop pad (for sweeping), and a blue wet pad (for washing). The dry pad uses a static charge to pick up everything off my floors, including dust bunnies, hair, crumbs & other minuscule bits of “floor yuck”. This dry pad is even better than my Dyson vacuum cleaner at getting the dust off my hardwood.

    The blue wet washing pad needs to only be wet with water. That’s right – no bottle of cleaner needed. If you want to know more about how that’s even possible, read more here. This pad cleans everything from my hardwood floors; smudges, footprints, drops, smears, grease spatter, dried milk & juice drips… you get the point. In terms of its ease of use, the Norwex Superior wet mop pad is easy to use if you follow the directions. You’re supposed to move the mop over your floor in a Figure-8 pattern. If you do this, it moves easily. If you just scrub the mop back and forth, the “grab” in the microfiber can make the mop hard to move because it feels like it’s sticking to your floor, and the base can “flip”, as happens with other similarly-constructed mop bases.

    These pads can clean any and all floor types! These pads are ESPECIALLY life saving for hardwood floors that show everything and need constant wiping!

    The small pads are 13.39″ x 5.91″ and large pads are 20.47″ x 5.91″

    I personally prefer and recommend the Large Mop System. You can get to so much more floor space, in less time. The less time mopping, the better! Now, if you have a small home, mini home, or apartment, you’d likely prefer the mini mop, since you only need to mop small areas. But if you have a standard or large home, go with the Large for sure (YES. WORTH the extra $18!!!).


    Despite best efforts, some floors are beyond the reach of standard mopping. Inform your manager immediately if you encounter a floor too dirty to mop well! Your manager will explain to the customer that they need a deep scouring of their floor and standard mopping will not work till all embedded dirt has been scrubbed out. Your manager will send you or a coworker with a motorized scrubbing tool (like the MotorScrubber or Oreck Orbiter ) to deep clean the floor so that it can be mopped normally going forward. The basic steps of a motorized scrubbing tool deep scour are:

  • Apply a heavy concentrated solution of floor soap and hot tap water.
  • After soaking, scrub up dirt with your motorized scrubbing tool.
  • Remove dirt-filled water with wet vacuum or mop.
  • Mop floor again with fresh hot tap water to rinse residual soil and soap.
  • FAQ

    Why are my floors still dirty after mopping?

    Mopping with dirty water usually causes that buildup and dirty appearance, even though it was just mopped. Dirt is added to a mop bucket each time the mop is dunked into the water, if you don’t change the water you are just transferring the dirt and grime around the floors through the dirty water.

    Does Norwex mop work?

    It is a very high-end mop, and it will last for many years, plus it has a great warranty. The cost is much less than all those disposable refill pads and floor solution, but I feel that the Norwex Mop is not that much better than my other microfiber mop to justify an extra $100+.

    Do you use the Norwex window mop pad wet or dry?

    Use the Norwex Dry Mop which cleans with static to pick up dirt, hair, dust and other solid debris without chemicals. Then get your Norwex Wet Mop Pad wet and wash your floors using a figure-8 pattern.

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