How Do You Make Homemade Chicken And Noodles

How to Make Chicken & Noodles in a Pressure Cooker

My Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker was utilized. For this recipe, I only use the pressure cook and sear/sauté functions.

This recipe is definitely faster when made in a pressure cooker, but if you don’t have one, move on to the next section where I discuss other ways to make it with different appliances.

This recipe requires very little preparation (YAY!), most of which I do while the chicken cooks with the vegetables to make the stock. I even prepare the homemade noodles while the chicken cools, but if you’d like, you can prepare everything ahead of time.

  • While the chicken is cooling, prepare the homemade noodles, or you can make these instead.
  • Gather vegetables for the broth. Peeling the carrots before adding them to the chicken to make the broth is not necessary. If you don’t want to peel the onion, just wash it, cut it into quarters, and add it. I usually peel mine out of habit.
  • Take out the chicken’s neck, giblets, and any other items from its cavity. They go in with the chicken to make the broth, so set them aside. If the chicken comes with a gravy packet, you can take it out and throw it away or use it for another purpose.
  • Slice the celery into ¼” slices. You’ll need about a cup, or, depending on size, two to three stalks.
  • Slicing and peeling the carrots for the main course Usually, I thinly slice them into ¼” thick rounds. They should be thin enough to cook through during the searing and sautéing process. Approximately 1 cup will be needed, but it’s okay to use more or less.
  • Dice the onion into ¼-½” dice. To make about 1 cup, use 1 medium-sized onion or ½ large onion. You can use more or less if desired.

How Do You Make Homemade Chicken And Noodles

More Comfort Food Recipes

Without a doubt, the epitome of comfort food is chicken and noodles, but there are a ton of other amazing recipes that fall into the “comfort food” category as well. Here are some of my favorites!

How Do You Make Homemade Chicken And Noodles

Pressure Cook the Chicken

Add the vegetables for the broth (two carrots, three or four celery stalks, an onion, and parsley stems) to the inner pot of your pressure cooker along with four cups of water. Add in 1 Tablespoon of sea salt that has been finely ground, 1 teaspoon each of black pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder.

Place the chicken on a (affiliate link)sling or use the rack in the low position as long as there is enough clearance for the PC lid to go on. You can also set the chicken directly in the pot, but it its a little harder to remove that way.

Put the pressure lid on, turn the valve to seal. Pressure cook on high for 15 minutes. After the allotted time has elapsed, let the pot release its own pressure naturally.

How Do You Make Homemade Chicken And Noodles

After the chicken is done under pressure, take it out and set it aside to cool in a big bowl or on your cutting board.

Ladle the cooked vegetables into a (affiliate link)strainer over a bowl or a (affiliate link)large measuring cup that can hold at least 8 cups of liquid. You will only end up with 5-6 cups, but you dont want the hot broth to overflow the bowl or measuring cup.

After removing the vegetables, run the leftover broth through a strainer. After letting it drain, dispose of what’s still in the strainer. Check the amount of broth you have, and if it isn’t exactly six cups, add water to make it so. Set aside the broth.

How Do You Make Homemade Chicken And Noodles

Rinse out the inner pot. Add diced onions, sliced carrots, and celery to the inner pot, along with 4 Tablespoons of butter. Include ½ teaspoon of black pepper and 1 teaspoon of finely ground sea salt or kosher salt.

For about ten minutes, sauté the vegetables on high in the Sear/Sauté. Reduce the heat a little if you’re using a stainless steel pot rather than one with a ceramic coating. Add three tablespoons of flour and continue cooking for two to three minutes. Before adding the broth, you want the vegetables to be almost cooked through.

If the chicken has cooled down enough, I usually remove the meat from the bones while the vegetables are sautéing.

How Do You Make Homemade Chicken And Noodles

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