How Long Are Pool Noodles In Feet?

A flexible solid foam cylinder known as a swimming noodle, water noodle, or pool noodle can be used as a float, a pool toy, or even as a piece of water aerobics equipment.

The most widely used swimming noodle is four feet long, about three inches thick, and made of polyethylene foam.

Other designs are inflatable and made of vinyl, have a neoprene core, or have a hollowed-out core.

Numerous qualities of swimming noodles account for their widespread use in pools around the world:

How Long is a Pool Noodle?

Let me explain here if you’ve ever wondered how long a pool noodle is.

Pool noodles vary in length from 48-60 inches long. The size you select will depend on the intended use.

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Pool Noodles Come in Different Sizes

Mega Jumbo – For larger people who require a little more lift in the water, these water noodles are fantastic.

The diameter of these noodles is usually greater than 5″.

They maintain your head and shoulders above the water. Your body is submerged to a lesser extent the lighter you are.

Several in this size come coated with vinyl protection.

Mega Jumbo noodles are very durable and have a long shelf life.

Jumbo – Jumbo pool noodles have similar qualities to the MEGA Jumbo, despite being a little bit smaller.

The diameter of these noodles is around 5″.

They are primarily used by adult swimmers and provide significantly more lift than the smaller noodles.

These noodles are fairly sturdy and don’t bend too much.

Noodles of this size range in length from 52 to 58 inches, and the majority of them have holes.

A typical adult swimmer can be accommodated by medium water noodles, which have a diameter of 3 to 4 inches.

Small: The tiniest noodles are typically made for children and are a little more flimsy.

They have a diameter of 2-2 1/12′′ and can support the weight of infants and young children.

These adorable pool noodle boats or a water sprinkler are just two examples of the crafts and toys you can make with small noodles.

How Long Are Pool Noodles In Feet?


How long is the average pool noodle?

The Standard Swim Noodles measure approximately 55″ long and 2. 5″ in diameter. Due to manufacturing process, noodle lengths are approximate and may vary by up to 2 inches.

What’s the longest pool noodle?

The Mega Jumbo Pool Noodle is the largest pool noodle money can buy, measuring six feet long. Its solid core and lack of a center hole increase durability and buoyancy.

Do pool noodles come in different sizes?

Pool Noodles Come in a Variety of Lengths Choose from short, long, or medium noodles. Noodles vary in length from around 42″ to 60″. You can find the ideal size of noodles for your project if you’re using them for a toy or craft.

What is the size of a pool noodle hole?

Our Swim Noodles’ center hole measures roughly 22–24 millimeters in diameter. Some variation may occur due to the manufacturing process.

What size PVC pipe fits in a pool noodle?

All you need is a length of 1″ diameter PVC pipe and a few standard pool noodles, each measuring approximately 2 1/4″ in diameter.

Do pool noodles keep you afloat?

Advantages of Swimming Noodles They float very well. Adults can float upright in the water on just one noodle without having to move their arms or legs. They are quite flexible, leading to lots of different uses.

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