How Long Do Pool Noodles Last?

2. Oodles of Noodles Swimming Noodles. This is the classic swimming noodle seen at most local aquatic facilities. They are light, thin, easily bendable, and last for about a zillion years.

If you’re looking for the best swimming pool noodles, you’ve come to the right place!

We cover the best pool noodles for aqua fitness, playing games, relaxing in the water, and more thanks to our years of experience around the water.

We also discuss the various applications for noodles as well as what to look for when looking for the ideal one.

We have the noodles you need, whether you want to buy them in large quantities or for floating, so look no further. Discover which pool noodles are ideal for you by reading on!

Questions People Ask About Pool Noodles

Here are some of the most frequent queries our readers have sent us regarding pool noodles.

And as the title says, we’ve actually included the answers.

Even you could learn something new by reading our FAQs, so I challenge you to say that you already know the answers to all of these questions.

These cylindrical, buoyant toys are known as “pool noodles” in the Midwest.

Other names we’ve heard for them include “woggles,” “foam noodles,” and “swim noodles.”

What do YOU call pool noodles?

How can I recycle pool noodles?

How can I recycle pool noodles if they are not biodegradable?

Utilizing pool noodles once more is the best way to recycle them. Repurpose them by making crafts, toys, or games. Read more about How to Recycle Foam Pool Noodles.

How Long Do Pool Noodles Last?

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How long is the average pool noodle?

Despite the fact that pool noodles can be any length, the typical length is 52–63 inches (132–160 centimeters). It is very simple to cut them into small lengths if you need one that is shorter. Additionally, you can join them together with special joints or rope threaded through those with a hole in the middle.


Do pool noodles grow mold?

The foam pool toys like noodles can also be cleaned with this solution, which works great for plastic toys. Because foam is porous, bacteria and mold can grow quickly. It’s time to replace these toys when you notice mold on them.

Why do pool noodles disintegrate?

These plastic noodles very quickly begin disintegrating into tiny particles when exposed to sunlight. Tiny pieces of plastic will be dislodged into our waterways by even the slightest abrasion, such as a touch, a wave, or a rock. We recommend not purchasing any new pool noodles this summer!.

Do pool noodles decompose?

Despite being the most affordable and straightforward method of construction, pool noodle foam is more likely to degrade after prolonged use than other types of foam.

What can I do with old pool noodles?

These ten pool noodle ideas are perfect for crafting even more fun.

10 brilliant ways to repurpose a pool noodle
  1. Pool noodle sprinkler. …
  2. Lake lounger. …
  3. Pool raft. …
  4. Floating pool cooler. …
  5. Horsing around. …
  6. Pool noodle games. …
  7. Coral reef. …
  8. Pool noodle door stops.

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