How Long Should I Microwave Cup Of Noodles

Water spilling over cooking noodles in the microwave?

There’s a chance that water will spill when cooking starchy foods like ramen noodles in the microwave. Starchy water’s sugars heat up quickly, causing the hot, bubbling water to overflow onto the microwave plate. Strong microwave models, like 1200w or inverter machines, may experience this. Try cooking the noodles in a larger dish to give the ramen more room to boil, or cook the noodles uncovered in the microwave to avoid this.

All You Need to Know About Microwaving Instant Noodles

Ingredient Water Cook Time
1 3-4 oz package 2 cups (500ml) water 4-5 mins
2 3-4 oz packages 4 cups (1000ml) water 9 mins
3 3-4 oz packages 6 cups (1500ml) water 15 mins

Because you don’t have to wait for the water to boil like you would on the stovetop, a package of instant noodles usually cooks in 3–4 minutes in the microwave. When noodles are cooked all the way through, they should be plump and bendy enough to twist easily with a fork or chopsticks. Another way to test it is to take a tiny bite; it should be soft but not mushy.

“The updated packaging and the new paper cup marks an important milestone for Cup Noodles and a key step in our environmental commitment,” said Michael Price, President and CEO of Nissin Foods USA, in a news release.

Nissin Foods, the company behind Cup Noodles, announced Thursday it is introducing a new paper cup design in early 2024, replacing the current polystyrene cup, thatll make the cups microwavable for the first time.

According to the company, all flavors of Cup Noodles will use the new packaging.

Because polystyrene, which is present in Styrofoam, is microwaveable, it might not be safe. When food containers are microwaved at high temperatures, substances may release from them that have been linked to cancer. On the other hand, if a polystyrene container has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which verifies the safety of microwaveable containers, then it is safe to microwave.

According to the company, the microwaveable noodles can be heated in 2 minutes and 15 seconds and no longer require boiling water to cook.

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