How Long To Cook Chicken Breast On Kamado Grill?

Place the chicken on the grill (presentation side down first). Grill undisturbed for 1.5 minutes, rotate and place on a new spot on the grill surface to assist in a better sear. Cook for 1 more minute. Flip and continue to grill until the breasts are cooked through and have reached an internal temperature of 160°F.

Paul is a barbecue enthusiast. He is currently using a Komodo Kamado Ultimate 23 to grill and smoke.

What we had with the smoked chicken is shown here, along with some jalapeno baked beans that I forgot to photograph.

I cooked it with the skin still on, as you can see in the photos. I thoroughly rub my spices in, pull up the skin, and apply them underneath. During the last ten minutes of cooking, I added BBQ sauce. Serve additional sauce on the side if desired. Before moving to Alabama, the idea of having sauce on the side would have horrified me, but there it is a common practice. LOL Most of their sauces are thinner than I’m used to, but once you put them on, you realize how much flavor is packed into each bottle. I will soon share some of my favorites with you.

A few days ago, I cooked my first chicken on my Kamado Grill. For dinner that night, around 1, I went outside and lit my grill without thinking. I decided it would be a good idea to google a cooking time after I finished seasoning and placing my chicken on the grill. I should have done that before I lit the fire, LOL. Most recipes I looked at said 1 1/2 hours. I was way ahead of myself here because dinner wasn’t scheduled until six. I went outside and set my vents to one before deciding to put some hickory on that I had already soaked. Smoked chicken was the new plan for dinner, and I have to say, it was incredible. This long, slow cook changed the texture of the chicken. It was extremely soft, moist, and the breasts had a silky-like texture. I will be doing it this way again on purpose!.

It’s very light, especially if you cut the chicken breasts in half, and the dish’s sauce, which is made when the garlic and lemon combine, has a savory citrus tang that will please just about anyone.

grilled-garlic-lemon-chicken-recipe When you’re constantly cooking on a Kamado grill, it’s incredibly easy to get carried away with really heavy foods such as ribs, burgers, pizza, etc. Personally, as much as I love each of them, I’m not a big fan of that bogged down feeling that inevitably comes in tow…and that’s where this grilled garlic lemon chicken recipe comes into play.

Grilling Chicken Breasts So They Are Delicious!

Its not very tricky to grill a chicken breast. Add some seasoning, throw it on the grill, turn it every five minutes until it’s cooked, and then drizzle some homemade barbecue sauce on top to finish. That works fine for bone-in and skin. However, because they lack the skin’s fat, boneless, skinless chicken breasts require more effort to produce a moist chicken breast when grilling. Follow these three key steps to barbecue boneless, skinless chicken breast.

  • Brine the chicken before barbecuing.
  • Make sure the chicken is room temperature before grilling.
  • Grill it over a hot grill of 500 degrees.
  • FAQ

    What temperature do you cook Kamado Joe chicken breast?

    Place the chicken on the grid, then secure the EGG’s lid. Grill for 10–12 minutes on each side, or until the internal temperature reaches 71°C/160°F. Place the salsa on top of the chicken breasts after plating. Place a lime wedge and a cilantro sprig on each plate as decoration.

    How do you cook chicken on a Kamado grill?

    Smoke the chicken breast at 225 degrees Fahrenheit until it reaches a temperature of 165 degrees. This should take about one hour total.

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