How Long To Grill Chicken Breast Strips?

Cook for 3 to 4 minutes on each side, until the juices run clear and the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees F on an instant read thermometer. Transfer the chicken tenders to a plate or cutting board.

Simple marinated chicken tenders that are grilled in a pan or on a grill. They are ideal served whole, sliced on a salad, or in sandwiches.

One of my favorite foods to cook in a grill pan or on a grill are these juicy, flavorful chicken breast tenders. Why? Well, for one, I love chicken, and two, they cook up so quickly. The grilled strips will remain moist and delicious whether you marinate them for hours or just for 30 minutes before cooking.

And the best thing? They are so versatile. You can serve them plain or with a side of rice, bread, or potato wedges. For a very healthy low-carb dinner, you can slice them and put them on a salad. You can make sandwiches, let them cool, take them on a picnic, or use them the following day at work. Really, the possibilities are endless.

An excellent meal for any day of the week, but it’s especially delicious on a long summer day when you decide to cook outside on the grill.

Little strips of meat (muscle) attached to the underside of the chicken breast are known as chicken tenders, strips, or tenderloins. They are roughly 12 cm (five inches) long and 3-4 cm (one and a half inches) wide.

They are often removed from breasts and sold separately. Actually, most of the time when you purchase the breasts, they won’t have the tenderloins attached. The tenderloins, however, are located on the underside of bone-in breasts.

How do you grill chicken tenders?

Chicken tenders should be marinated for at least 20 minutes and up to 8 hours before grilling. The chicken is grilled over medium-high heat for about 3–4 minutes per side after being removed from the marinade.

You can marinate chicken for 24 hours in a sealed container or heavy-duty freezer bag in the refrigerator. Avoid overmarinating your chicken if your marinade contains an acid, like lemon juice, as the acid can alter the texture of the meat if it’s left to soak for an extended period of time.

Quick & Easy Grilled Chicken Tenders on a Gas Grill

  • 6 Chicken tendersor as many as needed
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • ½ teaspoon kosher salt
  • ¼ teaspoon pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon granular garlic powderoptional
  • Start with the number of tenders you need, olive oil, and seasoning of your choice.
  • Preheat the grill to a surface temperature of about 450°, which is medium-high on most gas grills and medium on a hot gas grill. Clean and oil the grill surface well.
  • Pat dry the chicken tenders. Trim the tendon off—it doesnt need to be perfect.
  • In a mixing bowl, mix chicken tenders with olive oil, kosher salt, pepper, and granular garlic powder (optional). Adjust spices and oil according to the number of tenders and your taste.
  • Place chicken tenders over direct heat on the grill grate.
  • Grill until the chicken turns from a pink color to white along the edge (about 5 minutes). You will see the white moving up the sides. Flip and grill another approximate 4-5 minutes until the internal temperature is 165°. Time will vary with the size and thickness of the tender and your exact grill temperature.
  • How Long To Grill Chicken Breast Strips?

  • This recipe is easy to combine with grilling chicken or pork since the grill temperature is the same.
  • If you do this with beef, you will need to turn down the heat on part of the grill.
  • The recommended surface temperature is 450°. If you cook much hotter, they will dry.
  • Use the seasoning of your choice.
  • The final internal temperature of 165° is important for safety.
  • You may cut chicken strips out of chicken breasts. They may take a few minutes longer but you are cooking to the final internal temperature.
  • Kids love to dip so use a dip if you want. Just some Ranch dressing, BBQ sauce, or mayo is fine.
  • How long to marinate the meat?

  • At least 30 minutes.
  • If you have 2-4 hours’ time to let it marinate is great, but it’s not mandatory, the strips will still be delicious.
  • I feel that if I leave them to marinate for more than 4 hours, the lemon flavor will be too strong. But that is just a matter of personal taste, I suppose.
  • Also, consider that the acid in the lemon juice might affect the texture of the meat if you leave the meat in the marinade for too long. The outside layer of the meat will turn whitish, it will look like it had been slightly boiled or cooked already. So, don’t over-marinate the tenderloins.
  • Usually, I let them marinate for about 2-3 hours, and turn them in the marinade halfway through.
  • How Long To Grill Chicken Breast Strips?


    How long does it take to grill chicken breast pieces?

    Quick Instructions for Grilling Chicken Breasts: Grill chicken breasts for nine to ten minutes overall, turning once. Grilling time for chicken is about five minutes per side for chicken breasts.

    How long do you grill boneless chicken tenders?

    Place the marinated chicken tenders over the grill after preheating your grill or grill pan to medium-high heat. Cook the chicken for 3–4 minutes on each side, or until thoroughly done. Before serving, let the chicken rest for a few minutes.

    How long do you grill chicken tenderloin strips?

    Lightly oil the grill and heat it to about 190 degrees Celsius/ 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook the chicken tenders for three to four minutes on each side, or until the internal temperature reaches 74 degrees Celsius (165 degrees Fahrenheit) and the juices run clear. Rest for 2 minutes before serving.

    How long do you grill skinless chicken breasts?

    Cooking time for boneless, skinless breasts should be 10 to 12 minutes on high heat. In order to toss the salad or grab a platter before flipping the food over to cook the other side, you have no more than five minutes.

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