How Long To Microwave Water For Cup Noodles

Can you cook instant ramen in the microwave?

It is safe to cook instant ramen in the microwave, and it’s actually quicker and simpler than cooking it on the stovetop. Follow our step-by-step instructions to make microwave instant ramen in the microwave and serve it for a quick and tasty meal. Use a glass microwave-safe bowl that is deep enough to fit the ramen noodles and water to cover it. Make sure that there is plenty of room in the dish for the starchy water to bubble up — you don’t want spills happening in your microwave!

All You Need to Know About Microwaving Instant Noodles

Ingredient Water Cook Time
1 3-4 oz package 2 cups (500ml) water 4-5 mins
2 3-4 oz packages 4 cups (1000ml) water 9 mins
3 3-4 oz packages 6 cups (1500ml) water 15 mins

Because you don’t have to wait for the water to boil like you would on the stovetop, a package of instant noodles usually cooks in 3–4 minutes in the microwave. When noodles are cooked all the way through, they should be plump and bendy enough to twist easily with a fork or chopsticks. Another way to test it is to take a tiny bite; it should be soft but not mushy.

Boiling Water Separately

  • 1 Transfer 1-2 cups of water into a container that is safe to microwave. To make ramen in the microwave, you can also simply boil some water separately and then add it to the noodles, allowing them to steep. This is a great microwave method for cooking noodles if you like them a little firmer. [4] You can use anywhere from one and a third to two cups of broth, depending on your preference. Less will boil more quickly, so make sure you have enough to make the amount of broth you desire.
  • 2 Microwave for at least 2 or 3 minutes. You won’t see the water continuously boiling and steaming like you would when boiling it on the stove because of the way microwaves agitate the atoms in the water. Sometimes, it hardly looks hot at all. Aim for a few microwave runs of two or three minutes, with rapid stirring in between. [5] Remove the water with caution while wearing gloves or an oven mitt when you are certain it is hot.
  • 3 Put the noodles in a separate bowl. Take out the noodles from the package and place them in a different bowl while the water is heating up. If you’d like, you can add the seasoning packet right away, or you can wait until the noodles have finished cooking. [6] .
  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/c/ca/Make-Ramen-Noodles-in-the-Microwave-Step-9. jpg/v4-460px-Make-Ramen-Noodles-in-the-Microwave-Step-9. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/c/ca/Make-Ramen-Noodles-in-the-Microwave-Step-9. jpg/v4-728px-Make-Ramen-Noodles-in-the-Microwave-Step-9. 4 Pour boiling water over the noodles or into the noodle cup. jpg”,”smallWidth”:460,”smallHeight”:345,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:546,”licensing”:”License: Creative Commons</a> </p> </p></div>”} Once the water is hot, pour it over the noodles, cover the bowl with a plate, lid, or paper towel, and let the noodles sit for three to five minutes, or until they are tender and flavorful. Enjoy! The Cup O Noodles or Instant Lunch instructions are a little unclear about using the microwave. Even though the jury is still out on how dangerous microwave Styrofoam is, it’s probably best to heat the water separately and then add it to the cup rather than running the risk of having lunch consisting of melted plastic. Yuck.
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