How Many Calories In A Soba Noodle Pot

I would say there are 206kcal per 100g. The only difference between 90g and 180g is the addition of water, so the calories remain the same.

I apologize; however, it should read 206 kcal per 100g of prepared product. So 370kcal total.

Nutracheck puts this pot at 394 kcal for the pot. Should the weight be specified per 100g of prepared noodles, then the weight of the “cooked” noodles would take into account the water they absorb. Like when 50g dry rice becomes 150g cooked. In this noodle pot, adding the right amount of water makes the 90g dry weight turn into 180g. Because the calories are calculated using 100g of prepared food, it would 8 x 206 = 370. By the way, I detest this kind of packaging because it is confusing for precisely this reason. It doesn’t magically make it less caloric if you weigh out 100g after using only 10g of water. Similarly, adding 310g of water doesn’t make it any more. Whether you add a gallon of water or eat it like dry cereal, I wish they would just say that 90g dry equals 370 calories (lol).

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Thank you everyone! @MogTheMoogle, I agree that it’s really confusing! I won’t be eating them for lunch very often because they’re almost twice as many calories as I originally estimated!

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The number of calories in each gram of food consumed is known as energy density. Foods high in water content and low in fat and calories

By dividing the energy (number of calories) in a food by its weight in grams, one can calculate its energy density.

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