how much ground beef per person tacos

How Much Taco Meat Per Person. The usual rule of thumb is about ¼ cup taco meat per taco so you have room for all those other fillings and toppings!

Are you planning on cooking tacos for a large group of people, and wondering how many pounds of ground beef per person for tacos? Whether youre hosting a Cinco De Mayo or taco Tuesday dinner party, a birthday celebration, or a backyard barbecue, you dont want to be short on taco meat!

Everyones appetite and single serving size varies and it can be difficult to come up with an exact amount. Never fear, I have an easy way to know how many pounds of ground beef per person youll need for a successful taco night. Read on to find out!

Leftover Taco Meat Recipe Ideas

Turn those couple extra pounds of meat into other dinners so you aren’t stuck eating tacos for the next few days.

  • Southwest Omelettes – make a loaded omelet with eggs, onions, peppers, green chilis, Monterey jack cheese, and the leftover taco meat. Add some fresh pico de gallo over the top.
  • Green Chili Taco Bake – a very easy layered casserole of corn tortillas, refried beans, leftover taco meat, cheese, and green chili enchilada sauce. It all bakes together until the casserole is hot and bubbly. Serve it with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and pico de gallo.
  • Nacho Casserole layers of tortilla chips, corn, tomatoes, leftover taco meat, black beans, cheese, and green chili enchilada sauce. If you have kids, this will be a complete hit as soon as they hear the word “nachos!”
  • Quick Chili Recipemake this amazing dinner recipe in less than 15 minutes. Simply substitute the leftover hamburger meat for the regular ground beef in the recipe. Serve it with some hot California Cornbread for the perfect meal.
  • Cheesy Tater Tot Casserole – take this classic midwest recipe a little south of the border by using the taco meat you are storing in the freezer in the base. Topped with corn, cheese, and of course, those crispy tater tots.
  • Southwest Quesadillas – when time is short, nothing beats a quick quesadilla. This recipe is written using leftover chicken breast meat, but will be just as delicious using the leftovers from your taco bar party.

How to Make Taco Meat Ahead Of Time

So you aren’t frantic right before your big taco party, be sure to prep as much as you can in the days (or weeks) ahead of time. Once you’ve determined how much taco meat per person and the number of tacos needed, you might be surprised how much ground beef you have to cook! Here are some easy steps to take before the big day arrives.

  • Make the taco meat in small batches so the hamburger can brown instead of steam. The browning creates great flavor.
  • For each pound of ground beef, season it with 2-3 tablespoons of homemade taco seasoning or 3 tablespoons of my favorite store-bought taco seasoning. The seasoning goes on once the hamburger is fully cooked and no longer pink.
  • Cook and season all your hamburger meat, place it in freezer containers or bags, and freeze for up to 6 months! To thaw, place the taco meat in the fridge a couple of days before the party, and heat it up in the microwave or crock pot before serving.

Of course, once you know how much taco meat per person, you have to season it! The easiest option for a taco meat recipe is to purchase the store-bought seasoning packets, but I’m going to discourage that option pretty strongly. Most of those pre-mixed seasonings are very heavy with the sodium and leave a grainy texture in your mouth. The only store-bought version I have used and would recommend is Spice Islands Premium Taco Seasoning from Costco.

Homemade taco seasoning is very simple to make and tastes so much better than the junk at the store. Plus, it uses common spices you probably already have on hand like chili powder, onion powder, cumin, and garlic powder. Click here for my favorite, and simple, homemade taco seasoning recipe.

how much ground beef per person tacos

2. Determine How Much Taco Meat Per Person

This calculator will provide the exact amount of raw ground beef you need to purchase. It is based on both the number of guests you will have at your party, as well as the determination from step 1 above on how many tacos per person you will be serving.

The calculator determines how much taco meat per person using specific measurements. It is based on a formula that uses the average serving of protein on the typical taco is an 1/8th of a pound of meat, which is about 2 ounces of beef before it is cooked. So, a pound of ground beef should nicely fill 8 tacos.

Of course, once the hamburger meat is cooked, it will weigh less than the raw and it will also shrink in size a bit. But, as long as you use the calculator, you will have the proper amount of hamburger meat for your taco party.

No matter how many pounds of ground beef you have to cook up for your big taco shin-dig, a bit of planning and the proper Ground Beef Calculator will set you up for success every time!

How Much Taco Meat Per Person. The usual rule of thumb is about ¼ cup taco meat per taco so you have room for all those other fillings and toppings!


How many tacos will 1lb of meat make?

The number of tacos that 1 pound of meat can make depends on several factors, such as the size of the tacos and the amount of meat used in each taco. Generally, 1 pound of ground meat can make approximately 8-10 tacos, assuming each taco is filled with a standard amount of meat.

How much taco meat do I need for 20 people?

To make tacos for 20 people, you will need approximately 5 pounds of ground beef. This amount allows for about 4 ounces of ground beef per taco, which is a common serving size. Keep in mind that you may need to adjust the quantity based on the preferences and appetites of your guests.

How many tacos will 2 pounds of ground beef make?

Each taco shell or small soft taco-size tortilla fits about 2 ounces or 1/4 cup of meat. If you add diced onions, you could stretch a pound of ground beef to make about a dozen tacos. With just the meat and spices, you can make about 8 tacos from a pound of meat.

How many pounds of hamburger do I need for 40 walking tacos?

Walking Tacos –Great Party Food Because the house visit was only 1 hour, people only had one taco so the 3 lbs of meat easily made 35-40 walking tacos.

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