how much protein in lb of ground beef

It’s often said, “You are what you eat.” This simple expression explains why, when it comes to building muscle, your diet is as important as your workout. Like a racing car, your body works best when it’s supplied with high-quality fuel. It’s much harder to build muscle if your diet lacks the nutrients your body needs to function correctly.

Like they say in the world of information technology and computing: As the saying goes in IT and computing: garbage in, garbage out!

Of course, a good diet means different things to different people. For example, vegans and vegetarians choose to avoid animal products and get all the nutrients they need from plant-based foods.

However, since you’re reading an article about beef, it’s likely you’re an omnivore with meat as a staple in your diet.

Of all the nutrients your body needs to build muscle, protein should be at the top of your list. Consuming too little of this macronutrient could severely impair muscle growth. Building muscle is hard enough without sabotaging your progress by consuming too little protein.

Now that we’ve established the importance of protein in muscle building, let’s dive into one of its most popular sources – ground beef. It’s easy to cook, readily available, reasonably priced, versatile, and tasty.

In this article, we investigate the protein content in a pound of beef and delve into many more ground beef-related facts.

How Many Calories are in 1 lb of Ground Beef?

There are 1506 calories in 1 lb of ground beef. However, beef that’s 80% lean has significantly fewer calories — 1152, and a fair amount of these calories is attributed to fat [3].

Recommended calorie daily values are 2000 for women and 2500 for men, so beef has a high percent daily value of calories.

How Much Protein Does 1 lb of Ground Beef Have?

One lb of ground beef has about 25% protein, which amounts to 77.88g of protein [1].

However, this changes if you opt for lean ground beef. Lean ground beef is also a good source of protein; you dont need much of it to get your protein. 5% lean beef has about 24 g of protein per dish. For example, 3 oz of lean beef is 22g of protein.

An average adults recommended daily protein allowance is 0.8 per kg of body weight, or 0.36 g per pound [2]. In other words, an average man should have 56g of protein per day, and a woman should have about 46g. This should be about 2 meat portions per day.

However, daily values of protein intake also depend on your calorie requirements.

1. How much protein is lost when cooking ground beef?

Cooking ground beef can result in a loss of up to 20-30% of its original protein content. This is due to factors like water evaporation and the breakdown of some proteins during the cooking process. So, if you’re counting macros, it’s a good idea to consider this when planning your meals.

Amount Per 1 lb (453.6 g)


How much protein is in a pound of cooked ground beef?

Protein (g)
Cholesterol (mg)
Fatty acids, total saturated (g)
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated (g)
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated (g)

How much protein is in a pound of 80 20 ground beef?

Protein (g)
Iron, Fe (mg)
Magnesium, Mg (mg)
Phosphorus, P (mg)
Potassium, K (mg)

How much protein is in a pound of 85 15 ground beef?

Protein (g)
Calcium, Ca (mg)
Iron, Fe (mg)
Magnesium, Mg (mg)
Phosphorus, P (mg)

Is ground beef a good source of protein?

Ground beef is high in protein, so it’s a particularly filling meat option. It’s also low in net carbs, meaning it fits right into a keto or paleo diet. To be fair, though, there is some saturated fat and monounsaturated fat in even lean ground beef, whether you’re cooking with 80/20, 85/15, or even a lean 90/10.

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