How To Eat The Noodles In Champion Island

This Doodle’s Key Themes

This engaging Doodle game honors pani puri, a traditional South Asian dish. To help finish customers’ orders before time runs out, click the Doodle!

Under the direction of Masterchef Neha Shah, a restaurant named Indori Zayka and Dainik Bhaskar set a world record on this day in 2015 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, by providing 51 different varieties of pani puri.

There are several names for this snack because there are numerous regional variations throughout India. The street snack known as pani puri in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh is typically bite-sized and filled with boiled chickpeas, a white pea mixture, and sprouts dipped in a spicy and tangy pani. The dish known as gol gappe or gol gappa is a potato and chickpea-filled treat that is dipped in water flavored with jaljeera and enjoyed in the northern Indian states of Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, and New Delhi. Tamarind pulp is the primary ingredient in the variety known as puchkas or fuchkas, which is consumed in West Bengal, portions of Bihar, and Jharkhand.

Two things are universally agreed upon, despite the wide variety of fillings and pani available to suit every palate: consume the pani puri as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming soggy or leaking, and always consume it in one bite to prevent a crumbly mess.

Play the interactive game Doodle today to assist a group of street vendors in fulfilling pani puri orders. Select the puris that best suit each customer’s preferred flavor and quantity to ensure their satisfaction. Let’s get to serving!.

How To Eat The Noodles In Champion Island

Amefuri Kozo[]

A boy named Amefuri Kozo adores rain and it follows him around. After his train ticket was blown away by Tengu’s strong winds in the Bamboo Forest, he stays behind the table tennis dojo. He helps the player with the Rain Stopper quest.

Amefuri Kozo is based on the Japanese folklore creature of the same name.

Olive the Otter[]

A rabbit named Wooly is in charge of the Mountain Hot Springs in the Northern Mountains, and he takes great pride in his enterprise. He provides the player with the Hot Spring Savior quest.

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