How To Fold Whipped Cream Into Pudding?

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Folding is basically lifting and scooping while turning the bowl. The motion will mix the batters while preventing the whipped cream or airy whites from deflating. There are a few ways to fold.

1. Using a sizable rubber spatula, slash the batter’s center. Bring the bottom batter in a wave-like motion to the top. When there are no longer any white streaks, rotate the bowl by about a quarter turn and repeat.

Some varieties of cakes, pancakes, cream pies, and other baked goods use the folding technique. Typically, a lighter, airier batter—such as whipped cream or beaten egg whites—is folded into a thicker cake batter, a pudding or curd mixture, or both. Stirring would degrade the lighter batter and cause a significant loss of air.

2. With a large rubber spatula, scrape down the side of the bowl toward the center, bringing some batter up from the bottom and turning it over. Turn the bowl after each repetition until there are no longer any white streaks.

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What Does “Fold” Mean in a Recipe?The term folding can trip up some bakers. That’s because this term is pretty ambiguous—not like

How To Fold Whipped Cream Into Pudding?


How do you fold whipped cream into a recipe?

When ingredients are gently combined without being stirred, beat, or otherwise agitated, the process is known as folding. When combining one or more ingredients that have already been whipped (like egg whites or whipped cream), this technique is most frequently used.

What does it mean to fold whip cream?

Make the instant pudding with a hand mixer as directed on the package, but replace the milk with heavy cream instead. After thoroughly combining the pudding and heavy cream, chill the mixture for a short while before re-whipping it to a super-thick consistency.

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